Punika Powerpass expiration

We were previously told that the free Punika Powerpass would expire on Sept 28th, but that was before powerpasses were disabled for a long time.

My request is simply that we should be able to use a powerpass on Scouter at its release, since some of us didn’t want to wait for the powerpass to come back before we leveled our Arcanists, so we used Knowledge Vault instead.

Therefore I ask for one of the following solutions:

  • Extend the expiration date of the Punika powerpass to include Scouter’s launch
  • Guarantee us another powerpass for Scouter’s launch since the one we have now will expire
  • If nothing else, guarantee we will at least be able to purchase powerpasses at Scouter’s launch

I feel like this is a reasonable request, and my concern is that if none of these happen, scouter will have very low interest at its release because very few people want to level a new alt from zero.

I guess they will give us new mission when scouter/machinist will appear in september.
We already have honing buff which one is easier wnd faster to get alt from t1 to t3.

This should be a given, considering how they dripfeed classes…