Punika Powerpass (gone forever?)

Hey, when are yall adding the powerpass back to the store? I wanna make alts :frowning:

They’ll announce when it’s back, according to Roxx.

you can make alts without the passes

They said previously it would have been at the next reset (August 3rd). But no word since…

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Yes, but I rather pay for the powerpass.

All the powerpasses are disabled not only the ones you can buy. My returning friend can’t even use his Vern powerpass. And no one would do the 1-50 story it’s not a nice experience after completing it once.

I gonna reply before they do because they will bring the fact that you can boost your character with gold but most players don’t have the luxury to boost up to punika and have enough gold after that to gear up for argos.

I just want them to fix the goddamn thing

You have to complete it twice tho to be able to use the feature. And my friend only has a main and now he wanna make an alt. So yeah a powerpass is a must.

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