Punika Powerpass in the shadows

Can someone bring some light on this case? Its been a week now and still no information. At least let us use the free one.


Sometime this week more info will be available.
I hope its soon, i have 2 passes waiting. :c

CM have been mentioning the info regarding these will come by mid-week

I wonder what nonsense they’ll tack on that completely hampers the actual player experience this time.

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doubt we’ll get it tomo
it’s already mid week, they have no clue how to deal with bots and chargebacks.
more lockdowns and restrictions incoming while bot numbers are still growing.

My post was originally about the free pass. I do understand that purchaseable ones are the problem but still. We deserve some info. I am not bitching around but I doubt we will receive any compensation about this.

It hasn’t even been a maintenance reset yet.

legit players are being punished because they were soft on RMT for so long
if they were firm from the get go like they are now, they wouldn’t have dared to cross the line and do chargebacks
now we need to wait for them to understand that they are permabanned with no reverse, be scared to touch any chargeback gold, word spread around that gold is cheap because its hot and no one is daring touching it because they’re serious now, more restrictions and lockdowns on everyone, and then we HOPE to get our powerpasses back with god knows what the rules will be now given the growing bot problem that is going unchecked

They STILL won’t let us use powerpasses after maintance?

At this point if we paid for it and can’t use it we can refund and not get banned right?

Or can I sue too if i do get banned for not being able to use what i paid for?

do not refund, they will come up with something to prevent bots from using the paid powerpasses but trusted players will be punished

I find it insane it take so long for asg to fix the powerpass issue. In the last patch note they mention we will have a fix later this week, hopefully I saved money to buy one

Well maintenance is done now and its still not working. How are u not prioritizing this?
This LITTERALY prevents players from playing the game.


I only want to play with a new character that im going to crate using the Punika pass and I had been waiting a week and all stay the same, very very very very bad service.


Well I think they are prioritizing state of the game right now rather than caring about the players

The players are the state of the game, no players no game