Punika Powerpass not working


To sum it up, I was able to get a power pass for Punika in the mail. Got it, right click on it to consume afterwards went to the lost ark shop and purchased character extension slot.
Created a new character, went in choose class in Trixion and afterwards went in to get lvl 10 on the hero (the usual 5 min start until you can move to your stronghold).

Afterwards I went to the Character Selection page, clicked on the hero clicked powerpass and boom, nothing there.

Basically this means that:

  • I purchased character Extension Slot for no reason as I don’t see the power pass after consuming it / right click as the other power passes work.
  • I cannot join the Event to 1302.

All power passes are currently disabled. They SHOULD be back by next weeks reset.

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Oh my gosh, so can’t enjoy the weekend.

No wonder so many people dropped the game like a hot potato. Thankz.

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We looking at days or weeks?