Punika Powerpass on already powerpassed character

Will I be able to use my Punika Powerpass on a character that already got boosted with a vern Powerpass? I mean it does’t say that the character is eligible but you can choose a powerpass. Sadly I can’t test that because of the whole powerpass issues and that left me wondering if it’s possible.

Technically it should be possible,
(when the powerpass is available again)

a Punika powerpass costs:
5500 for a fresh level 1 character
4400 if you completed North Vern
3300 if you completed Rohendel
2200 if you completed Yorn
1100 if you completed Feiton

Price in Royal Crystals for the paid version,

the one we got for free should work the same as the paid one.

I also read cases about people (accidentally) using the free Punika Powerpass on the character that they used the Feiton Powerpass on, so yes it should be possible

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Ah ok, thanks. Couldn’t find anything about this anywhere (or I’m just stupid). But with the Feiton Pass it makes sense.

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I didn’t know the prices changed, that mean I technically can save money just buy boosting a character to North Vern with 600 gold and then buying a powerpass?

Yes, this is from the July 2022 Patch notes Spells in Spades, the price will be adjusted depending on the main story progress of the character that you want to boost

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Nice tyvm for the info, I was waiting for ASG to fix the power passes to buy one for my striker, so I will boost it with 600 gold and hopefully it will work :smiley:

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I don’t think it works that way. I think what the above is saying is that if you have a character that has already completed Punika it will only cost 3300 to power pass a new lvl 10 character. Not that you can power pass an existing character that is already level 50. The only thing that can advance an existing lvl 50+ character is an express pass, like the hyper that we have right now.

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Oh I see what you mean, by reading it again you might be right. In any case if it is 3300 it’s way cheaper than 5500 so Pog?

By my understanding,

you are paying 1100 to skip per zone/continent,
a fresh level 1 to 50 Vern pass costs 1100

from 1 to Rohendel costs 2200
from Vern to Rohendel only 1100

from 1 to Feiton costs 4400
from Yorn to Feiton 1100
from Rohendel to Feiton 2200
from Rohendel to Punika 3300

It will cost 5500 to boost a level 10 character to Punika, because that character did not finish any quest line so the price will not be adjusted

Why else would the price for Punika pass go down from 5500 to 3300 if that character finished Rohendel?


At the top of the Screenshot, it says 3300 for a Yorn pass (from Level 1) - because you are skipping 3 continents, 3x 1100 Vern, Rohendel and Yorn

At the bottom of the Screenshot, if you completed Rohendel quest line, you pay 3300 for Punika pass - because you are skipping 3 continents, 3x 1100 Yorn, Feiton and Punika

You pay 1100 per continent skip, a full Punika pass on fresh created character will cost 5500 and will be reduced by 1100 per zone that you complete manually or with knowledge transfer