Punika Regrowth Support Pack - removed after a few hours?

Will this item be available again for people that were not online for the short time it was in the shop this morning? The people who were on early enough on NA East servers were able to grab them (and the price was a good deal). Then the store went down for maintenance and it seems to have been removed.


Yes, Amazon has officially reached the all-time-low clown levels of incompetence. I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.


Seeing AGS fail at games is the best entertainment, and it’s f2p.


Hey @Roxx
I imagine this was supposed to come with Vyakis but people already know it was out

Might as well just put it all back since people love these packs since it’s great value and is competitive towards RMT so people actually buy from Amazon rather than 3rd party websites

Since we’re getting these mat packs in the store, can you confirm or deny if we’re getting Buyable Punika or South Vern Passes in the store

We don’t have honing buffs but since we’re already getting mat boxes in store, what’s the damage in releasing Punika in store so people can play more classes and you make more money

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Ooopsie! < press remove button >

They should’ve just left in in the store even if added accidentally. Pulling it out before prime hours is a huge L. Those who come back after work will be thrilled to see they missed out on affordable mats.

What also sucks is it looked like for us it lasted 4-5 weeks while in other regions it refreshed every week

So we couldn’t even try to be a Tuna fish

@Roxx please respond now

Wtf?? Is this real?? How the eff did I missed this? I would’ve bought it. Maybe they accidentally added it too early and it’s supposed to come with Vykas update.

hey look something that helps fair players who spend money in the official shop, lets take it away so not everyone gets a chance to use it

ye add it accidentally and only let select people buy it and tell the rest they can suck it and remove it. basically what they did.

does this also provide blue crystals? If it does, it was massively mispriced and thats why they removed it

1k royals seem ridiculous for that amount of mats, but if you add 500 Bc it suddently becomes an amazing deal compared ot the other trash being sold

Lol what are you even on about? The box is worth 10k gold in mats price, 1k crystal for this is actually an amazing deal and u get to buy 3 of them.

This thread has become a joke. OMEGALUL

This is why I’m starting to really hate ASG. Not that they took off the chest from the market even though it’s bad. Its there lack of communication. This post was made almost a day ago now and not one word from ASG. There communication is shit and that’s being nice. I really feel that people like me that like the game but getting very annoyed and mad with ASG not saying anything. Its what is going to push me to say fck it I’m done with this game.