Punika storyline should reward t3 gear set

having to wait days for RNG drop from chaos dungeon before continuing to play and progress into T3 is terrible, awful experience, it is not well thought out, encouraging or accessible for new players.

punika storyline, once you finish should award a t3 gear set, so we can immediately start progressing and engaging in t3 content. we should not have to wait days on RNG drops from chaos dungeon.

Let me guess, by the time you rescue Armen off hanging on the bridge, you want all 7 arks just pop out of the thin air?

are you making an argument here kid? is your argument that it is good game design, to lock players from all progress and stall them for days?

You’re asking for a handout, kid.

Same in T2 so why it didnt bother then?

naw, they do hand out gear …,after Shushire …

nah dude, im asking them to fix their poorly designed progress stalling design choice

its right up there with potions, mats all being char bound and not roster bound. where every other region it is not.

I agree, I was one of the lucky ones did Chaos at T3 and received a full set . But I can see the casino LA might not be so kind to certain people and gate them not with lack of skills, or with RNG.

Don’t even get me started on honing lol

I agree, not sure why its not fixed.

my alt was gated for like 3 days, I can’t imagine this happening to a main character.