Punish the gold buyers

this situation is getting ridiculous , people are buying CRAZY amount of golds , ruining the market for everyone , making you actually loose millions of euros / dollars or whatever, you know about it and you only ban them 1/3/7 days ??? and you let them keep their gold ?

I’ve spoke with people from others guild that have guildmate that are already 1490 with full engraving , those people got banned 3 days but keet everythings ( also their millions of gold ) .
Is this what you want to show to people ? don’t buy from the game but from chinesse resseler or others platform and you’ll only get ban 1 days or 3 and keep everything ?

also you’re creating this need of golds because you didn’t release heroic guardian / abyss trials / pvp vendor so we have no way to actually catching up but playings with the markets price or buying gold ( legally or illegaly ).

I love this game , I know you can do better about this situation , and I’m beggin you , please do something

I know it aint the right words now but… stop whining. (<- same what i get, cuz i want my lance mommy)

this is a very serious and concerning problem , this isn’t about whining but asking for amazon to find solution to a very blatant problem that we’re facing .

I wish I didn’t have to come to ask for this .

smilegate is already behind it. gold river mentioned that in his stream today.

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thanks god I love him

i dont think its a good idea to ban players who bought the gold. it is way better to give them no reason to buy it.

I heard in korea they put those account a minus 5 - 6 millions gold so they can still play , I hope we came with that solution too

thats a solution. i actually do not care about this, if it takes me few weeks more to reach t3 than i’m fine with it. but i really want to play my main class, thats even more annoying right now.

sure but that is not the subject I wanted to talk to in this post , the roadmap will show their intention in the future

if they opt to not ban them they should at the very least remove all the gold that was bought and leave them with a negative balance if they spent it already :slight_smile:

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I mean that’s the least I would’ve expect them to do , they’re stealing their money , having a bad impact in the market place because those bot are using cheat also that allow them to go through wall and super speed and also multi boxing so they generate a LOT of gold

they nerf all rapport in feiton , every npc gives silver instead of gold and they didn’t talk about that in the previous patch notes

thats amazons fault. there is no communication with the playerbase, like in new world. it is exactly the same. they are not made for the gaming industrie. i love lost ark, but i hate that smilegate (probably) had to deal with AGS for western release. for real, we have no reliable publishers here… or am i wrong?