Punished with every change of mind and decision the game takes


Changing thier mind about the game path and events and the value of everything in the game changing so randomly
Constant changes to how your progress takes in time and grind
Then make an event for someone to do in a week what took me 2 months to acheive
not to mention setting traps everywhere for player to lose rewards and progress

why was the last event stuck on 1 charcter without any rewards for that charcter
then all out of sudden when you decide to deal with the loss they change it so you can move the bass between charcters

why do you give the player the option not to collect the guardian soul if you are still going to make the run count as one of the 2 daily runs?
what purpose does that even serve?

why am I stuck with 10gold worth of materials on a charcter that will never use them because the game changing the playfield every single day!!!

I am forced to run 6 Alt. charcters in order not to lose on the progress and the rewards compared with everyone playing the game

it is like the game is trying to make players hate the time they spend playing it

All the people I started the game with quit already, guess it is my turn.

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