Purchasable Powerpasses

Kinda fed up with going through T1 and even T2 on every single new character to even be able to start playing the game.

I wanna play my Paladin, Destroyer and make a Soulfist but I’m not going to spend 20+ hours on each just to be able to even start playing them. It’s something crazy like 30k gold in T2 leapstones alone if you just wanted to force them to T3 too.

Anyone else just waiting for T3 powerpasses to be available to play again since there’s really not much end content to push to and you wanna try other classes?


Yes please. Even if its cost $50-$100 for a punika pass I wanna buy it too.

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Yup, have a bunch of alts but gave up grinding on them after getting 3 to t3…would delete the rest except my destroyer and make a bunch of supports if they came out with a paid t3 powerpass…a south vern one tho not punika cause even from 1340 still a long grind lol


Would definitely like these. Pretty sure they were in Korea but they recently got removed because they are reworking them apparently. I don’t know. Hopefully they come back and to our version soon.

i dont see why anyone would complain about a Punika pass. maybe its too soon as the devs see it? are there T2 passes?

but how many characters do you have that you cant knowledge boost them to Punika? must be a lot.

You do realize knowledge boosting to Punika would be several thousand gold just on story skips + you still have to actually upgrade all the gear yourself from 302 to 1100. Which is another several tens of thousands of gold if you don’t wanna spend weeks grinding t1 and t2 content

You need like 1600 t2 leaps alone lmao

Same, im not leveling past t1/2 again.

Someone said between $50-$100, thats crazy. It should be around $15. It should be affordable for everyone so people doesnt cry about p2w.

Didn’t they removed it from kr? Maybee this will
never happen.

Facts. Give us the paid pass already, but let us get a 1370 pass option too for people that have achieved it already. Also, increase the knowledge transfers… Some people might not be able to buy the pass, they shouldn’t be excluded. 21 classes, 9 transfers…kinda lame.

I would push another bard then save mats for reaper. It honestly might even entice others to actually commit to a support since they could save around 200 hours of grinding. Unless of course they have enough gold to buy the mats outright and don’t mind waiting or they have saved their own. That would be a good thing.

It was removed then added back later.
A community member already responded that amazon is looking into adding it back in March. I guess we just wait.

Its not that bad dude cmon. For starters a regular gameplay loop that takes 5-30 minutes per character per day isnt a grind. Yes it can take a few weeks but its by no means a time consuming or difficult process. Secondly, between your guild vendor, towers, mari shop, login rewards, ark pass, and unas you have mat sources that take literally no time to do. Thirdly, what are you doing with your resources where paying for the knowledge transfer is difficult? Through casual play i sit at 1-7k by happenstance and i literally flush hundreds of blue gems down the drain a day to insta complete my unas. I am 100% F2P just to make sure its clear. Spending all your gold rushing through honing is obviously expensive. Dont do that if you cant afford it. Part of the game balance is that mats are easy to get and are sellable. Im not gonna tell you how to play but going through whole tiers with AH mats on its face is an awful waste of resources.

All that said, allowing spenders to buy a powerpass for royal crystals probably can be a good idea if they time it appropriately. Rn might be too soon though as the game is still fairly new and not a lot of content is out.

Exactly this, myself and others I know won’t be spending anymore $$$ until a power pass and 1390 express is released as it was this time in JP.

no way just whale like everyone else or grind.

tja manche leute gehen arbeiten für ihren spaß und haben nicht so viel zeit und lust alles wieder und wieder zu machen

I’d rather have the option to push alts to T3 and actually play them than spending 15-25k+ gold, 30-35 hours of MSQ, 1-2 weeks.of farming out mats, 1-2 weeks of getting the appropriate runes, etc… Just to find out that I think scrapper sits better with my play style and desire than soul fist.

Paid power passes aren’t a bad thing. I’d love to be able to swap out some classes I regret without investing another 50 hours pushing it to 1340. Not including the mats I would be using to push my bard up. I’d even settle for a increase of level 50 knowledge transfers to match current roster limit though. It’s not uncalled for to ask them to bump up lv 50 knowledge transfers from 9 to 12-16.

Every game does this. Making it faster to get to end game is common. You could say that lost ark is new to the west and that’s true… But we are 4 months in and just received the year 2 update for KR. We could potentially get the year 2.5 update at the end of June. The difference is in KR / RU they had ample time to push classes… And they also had paid passes and they got 1 pass per character released. We have none of those things, with a faster release schedule. I don’t care about valtan or vykas or xyz. I just want to have the ability to play with classes and see which one I will actually invest in. Most.classes don’t " wake up " until T3 and even then, some classes don’t actually feel good until relics.

Eh. I think if you play a class 35 hours for 1-3 weeks you should probably know if its fun or not. FF14 feels way longer to get to endgame and harder to level new classes. Yeah its on one character but sitting in the same 3 dungeons for several weeks then bozja after.

And yes getting to endgame faster is common, you are right. On a first character. LA has this too. LA does something other rpgs dont though and makes it easier to get alts into endgame. Thats pretty cool.

Oh well on the thing we are actually talking about we agree on at least. Game experience though? I dont understand what game you played before LA or what you are doing in LA to have these opinions but i dont see them being true personally.

That’s not true at all. Martial artist don’t wake up until relic sets. Different classes require different level of investment to see how they actually play and feel at end game. As an example, you could spend 50 hours on a wardancer and it will feel and play like hot dog shit because of constant mana issues, long CDs, low early game damage and efficiency, etc. Then after investing a lot more time the class feels smooth and enjoyable.

I started on EU Central. Transferred to NA east. I hit 1395 on EU Central on my berserker 1370 on GS and around 1355 on my bard. I also had 6 T2 alts and 4 T1 alts that I was doing dailies on to save shards and push eventually. On NA East I have a 1395 GS, 1370 blade, 1385 bard, 1340 striker, 1340 lance master, 1100 gun lancer, 1060 destroyer, 1060 paladin, 960 soul fist, 600 war dancer, 550 sharpshooter, etc. I have just under 800 hours on steam. I have played Tera, BDO, FFXIV, ESO, Rift, New World, GW2, Shaiya, 12sky, 12sky2 and clocked over 1500 hours on all of them with the exception of FFXIV and GW2. I didn’t like how simple GW2 felt and I couldn’t get into FFXIV. I put around 300 hours into those though. Do I need the requirements for game experience? Why is this peen measuring a thing?

Asking for punika passes isn’t being lazy or selfish. Other regions not only had over a year to stack a roster. More gold. More resources. More early game events. Etc. They also have more available knowledge transfers, and paid power passes. We received the year 2 update at 3.5 months in. It has nothing to do with playing efficient or being lazy. They want an accelerated release, that’s fine. Why limit progression like it’s year 1 in KR then? What harm would it do to add power passes in to allow people to push faster on an accelerated release schedule?

I should mention that I don’t care about valtan right now. I’m more focused on deciding which classes I will actually invest in. Reaper is very interesting, arcana could be fun, I’m actually really interested in female berserker. We could talk about that for hours, but the point is… this isn’t a fomo thing. This related to the release schedule and how it impacts over all progression simply for wanting to try something new and see if you like it more.


You do understand that knowledge transfers are sequential right… So you can’t just go straight to punika without doing the 3 regions prior…

you just missed the point of my comparison and thats fine.

point to literally anywhere i said this and i will apologize because i dont believe thats the case. i believe what i said was “too soon in the games development to justify it probably”

just not true and its not limited. its a normal progression rate and they are keeping the playerbase around the item levels we need to be at. there really is no reason to have a 1490 character as the game is right now and why do we need 24 1415 characters? just one or two is enough.

tbh i usually figure this out before i play an mmo. every mmo punishes you for investing into the wrong character due to the nature of how time consuming the genre is. i got lucky that my favorite was on-release. but i am also looking forward to Reaper. i got 2 level 1 assassins waiting for it.

you are doing a lot of sticking stuff i didnt say into the stuff i did say and i would appreciate it if you could stop doing that. makes it hard to have a discussion.

also i think you kinda spread yourself a bit thin with all those characters you have. if it were me id delete the ones i know im not gonna play to make some space for stuff i actually want to play