Purchasable Powerpasses

I’m not saying you said it was lazy or selfish, I am. I’m saying that it is not lazy or selfish for a player base to want to have their class released, or power passes being made available… Especially for a game that is 4 years old in other regions. This isn’t a new game, it is developed. Valtan was a year 2 patch. You might disagree, but it was. Lost ark was viewed as a horrible game that didn’t value it’s players prior to the legion raid patches. We currently have that version in the western release.

The game was out for a year in other regions before it received the major updates we have gotten at month 3. It is an accelerated release schedule. AGS and SG have already confirmed this. Argos didn’t drop 2 months after initial release in KR. Valtan wasn’t even a thought at the time. There really is no debate to be had here … Especially when the developers and publisher have stated it is an accelerated release but they don’t want to go to fast and put pressure.

It doesn’t matter. In a game with 21 classes… Having more than 9 knowledge transfers is needed. Having power pass options for players that want them is needed. You said you play FFXIV? Don’t they have a bunch of level boosts and class boosts in their shop? It’s been out for a while, sure, but FFXIV didn’t always have a great public view. It was pretty bad for years and was reworked to be what it is now.

Lost ark isn’t a new game, and it shouldn’t be treated as such. Imagine if WoW just released in KR on Mists of Pandora. Would power passes be to early then? A QoL change that has a positive impact on player time investment is never a bad thing. Unless you’re one of those people that likes to brag about spending 15,000 hours in a game… I play hard, but I do enjoy the sun from time to time.

im pretty sure in another thread i said more knowledge transfers would be another great option to help with this. but needed is a bit strong. not too many people want 9 characters, let alone to play all 21 classes. they are very different kinds of characters and their fan bases dont really overlap too much. obviously a lot of people do want variety but is there really rampant players who want to try all 21 classes? i dont think its as big a deal as you are making it.

and about other regions, i played in RU and the game felt about the same as NA. idk the game seems completely fine

I genuinely don’t think you understand how a knowledge transfer works… A punika boost is useless…

You may not want them, but there are a lot of people with maxed out rosters right now. That’s 12-18 characters. Do they play all 12 everyday? No. I will play my first page during the week, then run the second page on weekend. It’s very common in MMOs with more than 5-7 classes. Look at a BDO roster. Lots of diversity. Now look at WoW… Or FFXIV where you can swap weapons and be whatever you want… In those two examples, there is no need to do anything else.

Paid passes exist in other regions. We are in an accelerated release schedule with a decelerated progression system. Do I have to play everything at T3 right now? Nope, not at all. If a paid pass existed, would I use it to save time and materials I could pump into my bard instead? Absolutely.

The question is, why are you so against something that, even if it was available, you wouldn’t use anyway?

you are actually unable to read

After having used up all my KT’s trying to browse around for classes I might like months ago now, I really wanted to play Destroyer and already used my Feiton powerpass and express event. So I did the FULL trek from lvl 10 to T3… in 2 days. Saved up a bit of mats and bought the rest… for a LOT of gold. I can assure you this… I AIN’T DOIN THAT SHIT AGAIN! lol. From now on it’s either hyper express and/or a powerpass or I don’t play it. Period. Their reason for not giving free ones with every class is dumb enough imo, but to not even SELL them… stupid. I don’t hate on AGS too much, but this is one thing I really don’t like with the game.

Is that a thing? I’d love to buy it. I still have KT left but I’d rather level up by powerpass.

It’s a thing in every region but ours lol. I don’t know if it’s because they’re worried about the P2W image? Like it’s not anymore P2W than anything else and it’s not the cheapest thing for a Punika powerpass. I believe it’s roughly $40-50. But it just saves SO much time and gold on mats. It’s worth it.

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Am I? Because what you said made no sense. Then when I bring it up you deflect with some bullshit about " what’s your game experience? " Or " you don’t know how to read " or " well in FFXIV we do xyz "… Or my personal favorite.

This statement alone proves you don’t know your ass from your hand.

Can you answer this? If I have a level 50 scrapper, in Vern right now. Can I do a punika transfer without any further investment?
A yes or no would suffice.

okay let me be clear because you clearly just want to argue for the sake of arguing.

  1. paid punika power pass is probably a good idea

  2. it might be too soon. we dont have the stats that they have to see if its not.

  3. i was curious how many characters you need to make KT not viable anymore. its just a question. relax.

  4. duh no. you do your rohendel transfer then move from there.

  1. We agree.
  2. It’s not to early for a 4 year old game.
  3. After 9 you can’t do anymore in our version.
  4. Proud of you.

What stats would you need to see if it’s to early for a pass that is beneficial to the players while making money for the dev / publisher?

At this point the game has an established core player base. Passes are in high demand. New classes are releasing soon. I still fail to see the drawback.

they probably have an idea of where they want a percentage of the playerbase at and what a healthy item level distribution is. we dont have those stats that they make these decisions on. a lot of people in the forums are essentially demanding to make getting to the level hard cap easier (not that you are doing this) when that is not the kind of game this is. slow steady progress and relaxing gameplay where you get to choose what you wanna do. this is also why we agree that a pass is not a bad thing. if ppl choose to pay to skip to punika tahts their choice

It shouldn’t matter at all what the players are at, and I think most that play consistently are in T3 and have been for AWHILE. You can only use them if you’ve already completed the requirement to get to where they take you. So it’s not like new players would skip the content at all. It just saves time for those of us that are sick and tired of doing the outdated T1-T2 content.

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the company has an idea of where we should be and keeping the higher tier players from getting too far ahead of others. outside of this we literally disagree on nothing. idk why you are arguing. im just saying why they probably havent yet

im literally saying its a good idea but they havent yet because they have an idea of how they want the playerbase to look

I guess you’re referring to maintaining T1 and T2 at certain levels for new players… But chaos dungeons are very easy solo and typically faster. Abyss dungeons are ran weekly by the people with 9-12 alts for the legendary cards. Guardians are pretty free if you solo them.

I mean I guess someone could make the argument that it’s " unhealthy " for lower tiers and new players… But so is seeing 150 bots walking around freely. That shouts that RMT isn’t an instant ban, and might honestly push people to commit. In all honesty, someone could get to 50. Purchase gold with RMT. Spam hone to 600 and run yorn. Then spam hone to 1100 and run punika. All together, on a good week, if they time it right… they would probably spend ~65-80k. Which would be more harmful for the game?

The " needed data " is the thing we disagree on and that’s fine. I think they just use those things as a bullshit excuse. It’s the same for the classes that have yet to be released. They are in the game, we just can’t access them yet. Like…mined and they exist, just waiting on a launch code.

but why would they lie about it tho? its more stuff for us to spend money on lol i dont believe they have incentive to lie about it. kinda like how they havent given us more character slots yet. its nothing but free money for them. i think its fine that they have their own reasons.

but yeah it would be a cool option for players to have.

That doesn’t make any sense. There’s a gold limit. So you can have 21 characters in T3 but your gold is capped at 6 characters, sure you can earn more mats and silver, but this is very diminishing and takes an impossible amount of time to play. It’s just dumb, period

In other regions it’s the same. They expand the character slot capacity, but NEVER give away free slots. You always have to pay for those.

the reason for the gold capping is gold inflation. if you look up the history of the KR version, it nearly killed their game. capping the gold is fine and makes sense

yeah you already have 6 free slots. why not ask that players pay? its not like there are 9 gold generations slots but only 3 free characters. its 6 and 6

Never said it wasn’t… And for the slots, I never said it was bad they charge.