Purchase Mistake

Hello, i purchase some royal crystal to get more character slot
sadly the icon for character slot and character customization are the same and buyed it instead
i try to contact support

steam say they don’t deal with it and amazon say that steam should deal with it and can’t do anything about it.

to my knowledge it’s basic in any game to have this kind of thing fix so i’m kind of lost over the lack of help over that issue

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I apologize you were having this issue.

You can contact our customer service live chat so that we can help you report this:

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This will be reviewed by our specialized team, I apologize for the problems this is causing.
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Can I ask you why are people being banned for buying skins off the AH if the owner that put the skin up on the AH did a refund ??? There’s multiple threads about this . Do you guys know about this ? I just bought skins off ah and I don’t want to be banned for it Incase the owner decided to refund their purchases. It seems like tons of players are getting banned left and right for this .

Please freeze the AH on every server and fix and investigate this issue . It needs to be fixed immediately . This is a pretty big issue if left untouched.


I am banned for this reason. It’s incredibly frustrating. I wish the best for you, man. Hopefully whoever sold your skin doesn’t chargeback.

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Yeah I’m hoping it doesn’t happen to me I went on a shopping spree for my toons and now I’m a bit worried . I’ve worked hard on my toon and I enjoy the game they really need to look into this asap

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Yep, I totally understand. I’m 250 hours in and spent about $700 on all of the packs and a boatload of crystals. Time and money down the drain if they don’t overturn this.


Had the same problem. We aren’t the only ones. These products looked so similar in the store front when I made my purchase 16 days ago that Amazon Games is essentially profiting from POOR VISUAL DESIGN that they could fix by making them more visually distinguished OR different prices. I spoke with Customer Service several times and they will NOT honor a refund or exchange even though the item is in my Product Inventory. I will not be able to get my Character Slot because of this. Yes I’m broke-- I’m disabled.