Purchase of 200 Pheon disappeared when claiming from within the store

SOLVED After waiting 5 minutes they showed up in my inventory. Server delays are messing with more than instances and creating login queues.

This is a very big problem for me.

I added royal crystals, bought quantity 2 of 100 Pheon and they delivered to my inventory of 5/50.

I claimed both while still in the store interface and they are NOT in my inventory nor were they added to my total.

I can’t send my new character equipment and this is a huge blocker for me. What’s going on and please restore this purchase immediately.

My total is still sitting at 54. Please help. Find my linked account and flag this please.

Hi @Zomboss, I hope you are having a great day.

I’m glad the issue was fix already, it can take some minutes for the system to process the purchase information,sometimes you will have to restart completely the video-game, I will take the feedback you provide us and send it to our team.

If you have any other problem you can reach us out here or go directly to our Live Customer Service

Enjoy the lands of Arkesia!! :man_mage:

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