Purchase Powerpass Still Disabled?

Seen Rox made an update to the Forums but all it seemed to include was compensation packs. Nothing about time frame for Purchase Powerpass being enabled. The in-game message is no longer there, so tried to purchase one for an alt I am trying to catch up and just keep getting Error Code: L30000.

Any suggestions/help will be greatly appreciated.

Hey there @irishladster! Welcome to the Lost Ark forum!

As mentioned in the Update to Disabled Powerpasses , only the free Powerpasses including the Punika and Vern Powerpasses are now re-enabled. Paid Powerpasses continue to be disabled, however as Community Manager Roxx mentions in this post: Paid Powerpasses to be reenabled on Aug 24 with a 25% discount, paid Powerpasses will soon be re-enabled as well and will have a temporary 25% discount on the Royal Crystal cost!

Hope this information helps!

Thank you so much. Missed that one. Good to know.

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