Purchaseable power passes

Hey @Roxx ,

Can i just buy a punika pass to boost straight from lv10 to 1302 or do i need to buy and use each one, vern, rohendel, yorn, etc…?

no buy dats p2w

It’s actually pay for convenience, and ive already spent close to 1k, i don’t mind spending more at this point lol

Based on the release notes yes you can buy Punika pass and boost lvl10 to ilvl1302 for the cost of 5500 royal crystals.

You can select which to buy and the price adjust based on ilvl of the character currently.

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Yea, i am pretty sure it works similar to wow char boosts from their shop. Any char below the pass should work.

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if you want to jump to punika you pay once of 5500 rc to get to punika from the character creation (level 1) that passed all continent instantly, completes all roaster quest, main quest and purple quest in continent.

so to confirm in total vern-rohandel-yorn-feiton-punika = 5500rc to get to punika.

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Yes you can I believe as you can in other regions and they seem to take that ideology.

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it says “specific character” so the one you are boosting, that means the pass will adjust price depending on what content you cleared on the boosting char

Ah i see now so you have to have completed Rohendel to get it for 3300, lol so Rohendel and Punika = 5500 anyways, pretty pricey but oh well I’m just happy I can boost my scouter when he arrives.