Purchased character slot ticket, it disappeared, couldnt be used

Hi All,

So what happened is, I purchased the character extension slot from the store, once I claimed the ticket from the shop product inventory I think it popped up a message which i didnt get to read since I pressed escape button too quickly and now it seems like I don’t get my ticket even though my royal crystal has been deducted to purchase the ticket.

Anyone got the same issue?

Hi @jokinklown!

I’m sorry for this issue with your in-game purchase of your character extension ticket.

If you noticed the reduction of your Crystals, and the ticket is no-where to be found in your inventory, then please reach out to our live support team where they will open an investigation and help you out.

You can find the link to contact them at Lost Ark - Support | Amazon Games.

Please have ready a DxDiag saved as a .txt file for the support team.

Hope you have a great day, see you in Arkesia! :bird:

Hi @Phoenax ,

Thank you for the reply, I did contact live chat and they can’t seem to help.

I do have the support reference number: D45512866

Are you able to escalate this matter? Really wanted to use it soon.

Hi @jokinklown!

Unfortunately, if you’ve created a ticket with live support, you’d have to wait for their response, since they’re the ones to escalate this matter directly to the Devs. If you haven’t created a ticket, please, request to create one, and afterwards they’ll create a follow-up with you and keep you updated.

Have a great day! :bird: