Purchased Founders Pack During Server Maintenance

Last night I planned on purchasing the founders pack but had to this morning due to some updates on my PC. Will I be able to make a character with a character lock being enforced after the maintenance window has finished?

Character lock is only for specific servers and doesnt consider if you have or dont have a founders pack.

If the server is locked, you wont be able to make a char on that server.

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Character locks are contained to individual servers. You couldn’t make a character on a locked server if you had purchased the founder’s pack 3 months ago.

Understood. I appreciate the answers. Since I couldn’t get into the game when the download had finished I couldn’t see what servers are locked in the US-East region and which ones are still available.

Lets hope I can get in when the floodgates open and get a character made <3

You can find the list of servers that have a limit on character creation here: Character Creation Limits and Additional Servers