Purchased Platinum Founder's Pack on Amazon.com but didn't receive any items in the game!

Did anyone have the same problem with the Amazon.com Plantnum Founder’s Pack? I purchased Platinum Founder’s Pack on Amazon.com and redeemed the code on Steam today during the server maintenance. However when I logged in the game, I did not receive any of the items from the Platinum Founder’s Pack. :frowning:

I am in the same boat. did 100% as what you did. steam took the key and listed I own the DLC, but in-game I get nothing.
Server: Una
Character: Kalandraa
2022-02-11 21_30_17-Steam

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I really hope they can help resolve this issue. $99.99 is not a small amount… :frowning: Did you try to contact Amazon Games Support? I chatted with customer service, and they told me that they should be able to fix this issue within 48 hours. I hope they can honor the purchase/redeem code and give the in-game items.I really like this game and want to continue to play and have some good experience…

I did spend like 2 hours with them, they ask me to close the client, relaunch the game, wait in queue for like 606, took around 10 min to get in, and still nothing, no packs content. then they tell me to wait for the item to go in the mailbox, I told him I did, I got those twitch drops stuff, but not the pack content.

I am having the same issue. I spoke with Amazon support and they told me to verify game files… Yeah that wasn’t going to happen. Nor would it have fixed anything at all, since i had no issues playing the game. Just never got my Platinum Founder’s pack.

Ohhh no, 2 hours… We could have spent those 2 hours to level up. :grin: :grin: :grin: I too got my Prime Game dorps and the Sliver Pack that I purchased yesterday on Steam. Just have issues with the Amazon Platinum pack… I cannot wait to get the skins. :smile: :smile: :smile: :smile:

You’d be surprised.

I had movement issues over in New World. Logging to character screen. Nothing; Exiting the game. Nothing; Verifying local files. Fixed the movement issue.

Yup. This is probably not a game file issue, since the game itself has no problem running. :smile: I hope they can fix this game code redemption problem soon.

still didn’t get the Platinum pack yet

Server: Una
Character: Kalandraa

Hello everyone!

In order to redeem you founder’s pack you will need to go to the Lost Ark Shop, which you can find on the main menu in the bottom right-hand corner—look for a button labeled Store. Click this to open up the shop.

A new menu will appear, and whatever Founder’s Pack you purchased will be there. Next, you need to click the Claim button or Claim Selected and then click Claim Item on the new screen. If done successfully, a Product received prompt will appear, and click the OK button.

Remember that the items will be bound to the character that you use to redeem the founder’s pack. I hope this helps!

Have a great day! :waxing_crescent_moon:

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did check that dim but nothing there.

still didn’t get the Platinum pack yet, gold pack was claimed a day ago and successful

Server: Una
Character: Kalandraa
Case ID: 84a12715-98de-48ed-98bb-48e26c58f311

2022-02-11 21_30_17-Steam

it does not show up in the menu, just a blank menu there, purchased the plat pack before launch and I have not received it either.

I’m also having the same issue. I bought the Platinum Founder’s pack through Amazon during the server maintenance before launch. Husband redeemed the code on his account through Steam (also during the server maintenance before launch). Once he got into the game it wasn’t anywhere for him to claim. He figured he’d wait a bit but after a solid 8 hours and relogging twice it’s still missing. I’m hoping this will get fixed because $130 CAD isn’t cheap…
Server: Una (NA East)
Character: Guenwhyvar

Thank you so much for the information and the picture to clarify the situation @soundman.

Everyone, If after verifying on the product inventory you do not see the chest for the founder’s pack that you previously bought and you have not activated it in another character please get in contact with a representative from the live channels to make the report on your specific situation.

Contact Us

Have an amazing day everyone!

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Contacted support, they told me to contact Steam. The founder’s pack is showing fine and redeemed in Steam so not sure what to do? @Dim

Have a founders pack not showing up too. Contacted support - I was turned away saying it was an issue that would get resolved?

Yet here you are telling people to contact support. Then other times support tells people to contact Steam - who tell people to contact Amazon support?

This is getting REALLY annoying now. A bunch of us paid money for products and do not have access to them. We are being denied our paid products at this point. With very little recourse due to the money being tied up on Steam. This isn’t right.

I bought mine with the intention of using it this weekend. Now I am already well over a day into it with nothing. My purchased content is still not available. Support has been a round-about carnival of insanity. I just keep spinning my wheels and can’t get anything done. No one seemingly can.

Please, please look into this more.

Thanks, Dim. for helping out,

for people who missed the pack, make sure to do the following.

  1. Server You going to claim the pack on.
  2. Character name
  3. prove your purchase.
  4. Talk to amazon support use what Seawolf asking as a reference, they need the case id. post your Case ID from Amazon support

    Source: Galatur Account Issues
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