Purchased Ship Skin WS-4 and Mokoko Tortoyk Arong Turtle Missing After Use

I recently purchased the WS-4 Ship skin from the shop with crystals and got the item in my inventory. I used it and when I went to apply it, it was missing. Later that day I reached 1200 Mokokos collected and gathered my rewards which included the Tortoyk Arong Turtle. When I went to apply it to show it off the skin was still unavalaible as if I did not own it. The only ship skin working is the Hermida’s Song which I purchased a month or two back.

I would very much like to use these two ship skins. They are listed as owned in my Codex and I have verified the game files within steam already. I contacted amazon support who directed me to post on the forums.

A Skinless Captain,



some skins require you to have a certain ship to use the skin on,

for the mokoko ship you require to have the next ship:

  • Eurus

you can get this ship by doing a certain Una Task.

for the WS-4 Ship it require you to have the next ship:

  • Sturmbracher

You can also get this by doing a certain Una Task.

I Hope this clarify which ships is able to use which skin. If you already learned the skin for the specific ship it will show up when you receive the ship.

Please check next time before buying what ship is required to use the certain skin. It prevents somethin you bought, that you don’t like it for example.

Have a nice day.

Yes, I am aware of this and have been cycling through and attempting to equip the ship skin on the correct ships.


I see now were your problem is going to, I can’t help any further and I hope a GM catch up soon if you want faster help please make a ticket on Amazon to see where the problem sits.

Please provide them with enough information to help you as soon as possible :slight_smile:
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Have a nice day!

Yeah, I thank you for the attempt and it has seemed the Mokoko ship has returned but the WS-4 is still missing. I originally came from that link and they said they were unable to assist and to post here for assistance and I should hear back within a couple days! Fingers crossed

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