Purchased Vernese Elk - missing

Hello I purchased the Vernese Elk last night but , then claimed on my character in the store , but it has not appeared in my mounts for selection I have looked and its not in any of my inventory’s and I have verified the the game in Stream - My character name is Bagbard on the EU server Beatrice. Please help.

Hello! :mage:

I’m sory your Vernese Elk did not show up in our inventory once you claimed it… That is indeed very odd! As I can read that you have already tried the basic troubleshooting, I would strongly advice for you to be able to contact our Live Chat Support so the team can help you raise a Ticket. They may ask for your game logs and will be kind enough to check this issue for you ASAP!! In order to access our live chat service, please check Contact Us | Amazon Games
Hope this helps!