Purple or gold gear

Hi! I’m a new player

Well actually i play since f2p release but progress wise i’d consider myself new since i’m at ilvl 510 and have a relatively busy work schedule~

So the chaos dungeons drop the blue gear but i saw people with the same item lvl wearing purple or even gold.

How exactly am i to do to get that said gear that has set effects? Currently doing mainly chaos dungeons on 3 chars and progressing rohendel story quests to get access to the chaos dungeon there! :grin:

Is it worth getting it and if yes, how? :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Help would be appreciated


There’s a vendor in the towns with the icon of a sword, you trade the tokens you get from the abyss dungeons to get the sets.


Thank you!

Are they worth getting over the normal blue drops from chaos?

they have a set bonus, you decide

The set bonuses are definitely worth it, usually there’s a small utility bonus but overall the set bonuses provide a 5-10% DPS increase if used correctly, sometimes more depending on the set.

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I guess i have to do abyss dungeons to get the mats then, right? Havent done one so far due to mqtchmaking always failing

u can get better t1 gear in abyss not invendor i guess

They’re definitely worth, especially when you get higher up to get the gold sets since they have stats like crit percentage and other things, usually only 2 abyss dungeon runs should give you enough material for a full set

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Oh, well i guess i hope i get into one tonight!

Thank you :blush:

Not only the set bonus, purple and orange also have higher additional attack/damage on weapon.

Oh and you can transfer your enchantment from old gear to your new gear if both are the same tier.