lets say u want to change the type of a certain class. EX: WARRIOR(MALE) - From (Berserker) to DESTROYER -. everything including set will be changed to the type of char u pick(REGARDLESS OF TIER LEVEL).

Pricing?: I leave that to you mods. maybe same price as powerpasses? using Royal Crystals. or Gold.

U can put some waver. that inventory will be wiped or something before continuing the class change. so people would be aware of whats about to happen.

CIAO :slight_smile:

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never going to happen, they can make more money by you starting from scratch

Roxx already said it’s impossible to swap classes.

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Well it should be “possible” but the developers don’t want to implement it for financial reasons (to make you pay). If we look at each thing one by one, we can see that most things “could” transfer:

Quests and story progression would easily transfer
Equipment and each piece’s ilevel could transfer with no issue
Accessories could transfer but the class engravings would be useless
Ability stones could transfer but the engravings might be worthless for the new class
Engravings are roster-wide so there is nothing to transfer (would need to buy new class books)
Gems can be rerolled with silver (and can already be put in roster storage)
Card sets are roster-wide so there is nothing to transfer
Skins for the most part transfer easily within a base class (unless class-specific)

Thus the trickiest thing to transfer would be tripods as there isn’t a one-to-one correspondence between classes and their skill tripods. At best, the simplest solution would be to provide those “choice” amulets based on the tripods that the previous character already had. However, this could be exploited as getting 18 “junk” tripods to level 5 wouldn’t be that costly aside from pheons (to be converted to 18 level 5 “choice” tripods).

So again, while “possible” I think it’s highly unlikely the developers will ever implement anything like this. And if they do, it would likely be priced based on the progression of the old character (e.g. 1520+ zerker → 1520+ destroyer might be hundreds of dollars).

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every time someone gets this awesome idea remember that you are playing predatory korean mmo so no

It would be.graet but back to reality. Im never play mmo withone give you option to do that thing.


Wasn’t possible even in Wow.

keep drinking that kool aid. nothing its impossible from a dev standpoint. played tons private servers from various mmo’s. you have no idea how much you can mod around, this mmo is no different.
now do they want to do that ? thats another story.

Since blizzard offered you rase change, server change, name change ( for a couple of $ ) BUT not class change, there must have been a reason for that.

you know damn well the reason, if you don’t you still believe in fairy tales. clearly you never had access to admin tools in any game to see whats possible and what not. your imagination is your only limitation.

the reason is, generally its more profitable for them in the long run to just make your 300th alt. rather than letting you change your already maxed out main, should be pretty obvious. In blizzard terms, your 300th alt from scratch means more game time, which means more subbed months, which means more $$$.

Even if it was possible your build would be starting from square one accesorie wise

so you say i can play as bard till i get gear and swap to ignition sorc?

and items would transfer to class I want? So I could create true courage 5x3 and change it to igniter or you mean that I would lose all accesory and have totaly useless class?


Change class ticket would be awesome but the only game i played that had that feature made it so you just changed the class and nothing else.

You need to build the character but you at least have the ilvl. Is easier than doing one from zero as you don’t waste a single coin of gold in honning to 1520+

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