Put servers for South America in Chile or Argentina

Please put the South American servers in Chile or Argentina because Brazil gives latency problems to all Latin American countries. It is known that the Brazilian servers give latency problems with the rest of the countries in Latin America for several games, which is why Riot Games has separate servers for Brazil and South America. Other games like Tree of Savior have already made the mistake of putting the South American servers in Brazil and lost 80% of players just 1 month after the game was released. If there is any developer or moderator who can get this message to any developer because the Latin American community deserves to play with a decent latency. I personally am thinking of playing in NA East which gives me 80-100 ping compared to the servers in Brazil which give me 140-160 ping. I find it discriminating that they reduce so many Spanish-speaking countries in Latin America to Brazilian servers, since they do not speak Spanish and have network standards that are not compatible with the standards in the rest of the countries in South America. We deserve a Latin American server with decent ping and exclusively for Spanish speaking people.


Give a VPN a try, sometimes VPN’s can improve your ping to games. That’s like, the entire premise of the “WTFast” company iirc.

It is a pity that you tell me to use VPN because in Latin America there are many countries that speak Spanish and follow the North American standard for network connections. That they put us all inside the Brazilian servers is simply reductionist and discriminatory. We are a community apart from Brazil all the countries of Latin America. Brazil in several games has exclusive servers for them because there are connection compatibility problems with the rest of the countries. A VPN does not solve the problem, this is something that Amazon Games must respond to, because there are not a few Latin Americans who are going to be affected by this when they want to play and you cannot send all those people to use VPN.

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They cant because the only AWS region available in SA for the time being is Brazil. I know there is a plan to open a new region in Argentina but this is not yet done.

The blue dots are not regions.

Being honest they don’t even have to open a server here, just put South America in the game, and that the servers are in NA, but only those from South America would enter

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The servers from SA are already in Brazil.
Im from Argentina and i don’t see any issue with that. In the beta i had like 35ms.

It’s understandable but it should be fine for everyone not just half

yup i’m from Perú and just realized i have better ping in all North american servers than with brazilians, lot of inestability and language barrier, brazil should be their own region