Put tentacles practice in trixion

Bruh there’s no waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay people are this bad LEARN THIS FREAKIN MECHANIC THE GAME HAS BEEN OUT FOR AN YEAR

Vykas tentacles?

Like you can literally do this with 2 players. If you fail it, its coz you are bad enough to fail it. Even if all 6 other fail - you can still do it if you are good enough

for me particularly - most of the time i kill 3 tentacles, and when i go for the 4th the mech is already done.

I actually find it easier with 2 players - the biggest threat is people getting charmed, the second problem is people taking away an orb you’re expecting to get while charging a skill. Both problems are solved if there is nobody else grabbing orbs on your side.

so just tell them beforehand (after the first wipe after you see they cant do the mech) - that you will take the 4 tentacles right side (+ bottom) for example so they clear the way

There’s no way people are this dumb, please nerf or remove this raid because 99% of the playerbase is unable to comprehend it.

How on earth are people that have brel horns fail tentacles and jail everyone in a 1520+ party? it’s insane

These lolis want tentacles practice for when artist comes out.

If you fail it, its coz you are bad enough to fail it

objectively untrue, every one just griefs and gets MC’d killing the raid. Its doesnt matter how good you are if you get juggled by your teammates.

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I think the mech is fine but too punishing in the resolution

0 tentacles left gimmick resolved
1+ tentacles everyone wipes

Idk but this mech seems to deal damage after Vykas takes a bite and spits you back out so by design…. initially I think they wanted to reflect the damage you take on the amount of tentacles destroyed.

Then somehow it became a no-matter how many you destroy it you miss one bye-bye start again

I feel like that’s how the mech should have been, a bit like the typing mech at 130x bars.
If more then 3 ppl fail is guaranteed wipe otherwise damage taken increases based on the tentacles removed

I’m NM they could do 2 tentacles remaining party takes high damage and in HM 1 tentacle remaining to offer some more leeway

Alternatively they could do something like ;

Upon destroying a tentacle you receive a buff that saves you from certain death after the animation. So everyone needs to destroy one tentacle each to survive the mech. Those who don’t just die on their own.

I say this no because I personally struggle with the mechanic or anything… it’s just that ppl in general are tired of wiping for one person’s mistake and SG raid design encourages the so called gatekeeping as nobody will ever recruit a casual to get jailed on a silly tight requirement gimmick even in normal modes…

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That’s good cause it often happens when group got high dps and they end up needing 5 orbs each and they re wasting too much time to build proper gauge at x52hp.
Especially when supports don’t know their job which is to cover/not cover their dps from orbs and they start building-stealing gauge too.
An easy nerf would be to move the gauge bar from 70% to 69%

Gatekeeping does not work.

Party lead gatekept with Incubus title, 1500+ 5x3

Tentacles come: right side, someone got MCed, dunno what they did, 2 tentacles alive, wipe
Then proceed to jail for 30 min because people get MCed and someone KEPT FAILING TYPE TEST, and 100% wipe on tentacles because at least one was left alive and people were just running arround it (my best guess is that they didn’t have meter and couldn’t build it).

Gatekeepers, you need to step up your game.

Or just NERF the tentacle mechanic into the ground because people are incapable of learning it.

Idk what the hell is wrong with people lately the vykass runs are getting ridiculous, thinking of pushing all alts to 1490 just to escape this vykass jail every week…

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the people are the same, just those players were at argos before this, making Yoho and Argos MM unplayable, after this they started wiping at Valtan. Now they reached Vykas.

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Or now that Brel’s out people’s memory can’t support all the mechanics at once – completely forget the prior ones :stuck_out_tongue:

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more like - those players at brel dont do Vykas, coz they do valtan, kakul and brel. And for vykas are left those that were prior at valtan

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