Putting Blockers on VPN made the connection worse for OCE players

After this was post by Roxx, the connection was worse for OCE players, confirmed by myself along with all my OCE guild members and friends as they said their ping went from static 170-200 to 230-300 now. Raids will become much harder with extra ping as 200 ish ping is already hard enough.

As a reference for those that never experience what it feels like to play with high ping, heres a clip of ATK playing on NA server with 156 ping where he jumped out and spacebar away from Velganos’s aoe and he got pulled back, us OCE players are playing with 50-80 pings higher and suffer way worse than this

OCE server please

Dude you live in Australia and you expect to have good ping, good luck even with vpn it’s still going to suck. I do however agree than there needs to be an oceanic server hub.

All botters use VPNs so this is the only realistic solution. OCE are not entitled to NA servers.

OCE always lags our games, gtfo


Beside of blocking VPN, AGS should limit client connection limit per IP. and flag IP whichever has been banned before. This practice is actually done by some games to counter botters

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I dont expect to have good ping at the first place, my post was about them putting blockers on VPN also increase the ping for OCE players which make it worse than it already is

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Just went to North Vern Castle (on US West Valtan), still 79 channels of bots. Don’t think its doing anything to them.

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The root of your problem is your ISP’s routing is terrible. VPN does not magically get you better ping. You just use the VPN server’s way of routing instead.

If you can’t connect through any VPN to use their routing, consider calling your ISP and asking them why the route to AWS is so bad. AWS is a very frequently used distributed service for many things over the Internet, so you might be able to get them to cooperate and look into the matter.

I always hear this problem about OCE players having terrible routing on their ISPs, so consider trying to also fix the root of your problem.

I’m still seeing an absolutely huge amount of bots, as well. The charts does seem to show a significant dropoff since the weekly maintenance however, so it looks like it blocked at least some forms of them.

I totally agree, i’m living in NZ and playing this game with about 150ms, which is acceptable in my view, i’ve heard that AU players’ experiencing worse connections because of bad isp quality.

BTW blocking VPN has nothing to do with bots because most gold farms are located in southeast asia, and some in east eu, they don’t need VPN at all, even chinese farms have their own IPLC to connect to this game without VPN.

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