PvE Players cheating their way to grand master in pvp using software

Hey everyone, today I wanted to tell you about a guy who thought that he is smarter than everybody else in this community and after roughly 900 games on sharpshooter and being hardstuck diamond, in 3 days, he grabbed a long waited 3000 pts GRANDMASTER!

Nickname is brethilben (also his twin acc Rainingtacos)

Me, my friends, battling like usual, thru blood and tears and countless hours of pvping in high ranked, I, HesitantAli, main soul-fist EUC 3224 pts peak, former rank 1 on Russia, all links in comments

and many others, high ranked friends of mine have stumbled upon this [REDACTED] player, again, all links in comment section, I am not allowed to post more than 2 links here rn.

That mysteriously went from 2100 to 3000 in 3 days, playing like everybody for nearly whole 6 month season, but suddenly like no one else ever did on sharpshooter. However, this song didn’t play for too long, when me, my high ranked friends and specifically UnixNeo, Best 2800 pts+ sharpshooter ever in PvP (photos included in comments)

Also, I am going to include video proof of speed hack of the guy, just so you know I am not simply complaining about nothing.

Here are the links of proof: CHEATER - YouTube
CHEATER2 - YouTube

Amazon, “fix your stuff man, we trynna play there, Microsoft, Bill Gates, whoever the****” - Snoop Dog

Please, dont allow that. For me and other people pvp in this game is a thing of our lives.

Thank you for your attention.


https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/918613895323734026/1016415581668393000/unknown.png - cheater

- This screen shows best sharpshooter in a game PVP wise that have been helping with understanding whether brethilben speedhaacker or not


My stats on russia all prev seasons

My YT channel, use every info there you want to know me better: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRBuwutRAcRF-frrcKS1QJw


He think nobody knows?
unlucky Sharpshooter. :smiling_face_with_tear:
amazon make your job please!

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Original clips: Twitch

So you dont think I have sped up material or sth like that

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Thank you for your time and efforts, it shows how dedicated you are for the PvP.
I checked the links of proof and tried to get the exact timers to spot the speedhacking, because it’s not obvious at first sight.

For the Awakening video:
Your friend starts his animation at : 13.7 and the first hawks appear at 12.47 : 1,23 sec
The supposed cheater starts at 7.16 and the first hawks appear at 5.99: 1,17 sec

For the Sniping shot video, i tried to take the same starting point between the two players
Your friend starts at : 23.26 and could have release at 21.77: 1,49 sec
The supposed cheater starts at 8.21 and release at 6.78: 1,43 sec

You can check it by right clicking on the video to get the stats
As you can see, there is a slight difference due to my imprecision when i took the measures but it’s almost identical, hence i don’t see any speedhacking here.
Could have you been wrong ?


Ofo on holy crusade to protect him, this is like a lost ark reality tv show

I am only trying to help and expose the truth as i did in my other topic about boosting, if it helps the community i would be glad

wseno, stop typing anything you have already posted about wintrading and buying mmr in ranked and you post got flagged for no sense bs, if you see wsenos opinion, please do not follow it, guy is delusional, thank you

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I am a bit surprised by your way of answering, since i thought you could explain why i get these measures but as you rightly mentioned, i will stop typing since it’s a loss of time and energy
No debate is allowed : Twitch
Have fun in PvP

Hopefully stuff like this gets resolved and improved for S2. I didn’t even play ranked this season after seeing what it was. I remember getting dumpstered on by HesitantAlien on RU it was gg’s. I trust what he’s seeing.

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looks too similar to me, easily within bounds for poor connection to be an answer

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yeah yeah for sure…
are you kidding me?
CAST its 30-40% faster!!! KAPPA

Thank for that.I played againist him and I can confirm about skill speed it was insane and I wish couldve record that game…

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I understand that AGS has a lot on their hands currently, but more care towards cheaters in PvP who use third party software to steal rightful rewards from people who worked hard for it would be highly appreciated.


So it wasn’t just me thinking he is hacking, i am glad that you got the video. I see from time to time players that move way to fast and even get out faster from cc.

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