PvE Players that even pay2win in PvP (Boosted Edition)

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Little do they know that pvp rewards are garbage anyways, so they wasted their money lmao. Really really cringe tho.

First of all how do you know these ppl pay for it?

And second bye bye :wave:t4:

As this thread is against ToS and called witch hunting @Roxx @Shadow_Fox @o-o

Paying or not isn’t the problem, some of them might just ask a friend to do it at their place
The real one is boosting which is against the tos

letting a friend come over and play for u is also not alowed…
from the tos “You may not share, sell, rent, or transfer your account”

This is exactly what I said which is why even if they didn’t pay for the boost, it’s still a problem

Still don’t understand how switching class is any proof of boosting :thinking:

And you’re doin something against ToS as well. That remains unchanged.

When a player was stuck at a certain mmr for the whole season or didn’t play much in Pvp then suddenly right before the end of the season start grinding on an other class with a really high winrate it’s really suspicious

And after playing with or against these accounts you can confirm it.

Not really. As there are a lot of classes that have a much easier time carrying games solo. Bard, despite having a giant impact if no supp on the other side, is a pain in the ass to climb with when only few ppl play the game. As you climbing ranks doesn’t matches you with higher rank players. So you are stuck keeping noobs alive and praying they do well.

Same goes for the others you have listed. There’s a pattern of ppl switching to easy-solo-carry-classes. Both DB and Destroyer have tons of Super Armor, deal a f*** ton of damage and can handle multiple ppl themselfs.
Sorc lacks dmg but is a CC master with range.

Conclusion: Your claims are not evidence at all yet you post their names and call them out. Quite questionable.

PS: On top of that none of the players you listed was hard stuck besides maybe the bard (which is reasonable). If they went from 20-40% winrate to 70%+ we could at least start having a discussion about it. But winrates going from 51-69% to 70%+ when picking up easy classes seems very believable to me.

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As somebody who you claimed “boosted” or even paid for it, let me provide the shortest explanation that I can.

Many high end players lost motivation to play, I for one know I did. As soon as the season ending was announced, it was obvious to me that I need to farm MMR as I (laughing track incoming) really like the master mount.

For your reference, I was already on the verge of Master before I stopped playing PvP (Okay like more on the Diamond border but still). And I decayed to Gold over a very long period of time. That’s how much I didn’t want to bother until the season ending was announced. In the meantime, just as a side of side information - I play all the other regions of the game. Have been for the past 5 plus years. And I do not play sorceress everywhere. So as you can imagine, my class knowledge isn’t limited to her.

It is clear that some classes can carry easier than others. Whether you want to start a witch hunt calling players out for “boosting” or even dare assuming people paid for it - That remains strictly in your imagination.

Do you have solid proof that any of them don’t play these classes that they switched to for the end of season? No.
Do you have solid proof about these players paying for boosting? No.

So ultimately, you are starting a witch hunt, which you really don’t have much ground to stand on for. And I’m saying this with all my respect - Isn’t there anything better you can do in your free time?

P. S. You have a couple of characters on Grandmaster and Master - I assume you will say that boosting and smurfing isn’t the same thing, but just to give you an overview of how ridiculous this thread is… Are these your characters? Are you not boosting others because you’re clearly good at the game? Who’s to say these characters are yours and you didn’t just do it on other accounts for people?

Anyway, I am not saying you did - That would be sad. But this is literally what you’re doing with this thread. Which just saddens in terms of how the community of Mmorpgs has degraded.

I hope you have a pleasant Sunday.

Switching to a new class and having a 70%+ win rate(and climbed really fast on the ranks)
right after seasonend is claimed…

yeah yeah sure, totally not suspicious

That post/Thread is a little bit useless ngl.
Im a Bard Main but there is not shot in the World i would play Bard PvP and relying on others in 3v3 e.g to peel for me.
Arcana/Striker/Destroyer are solid options.
Thread Creator just seems salty ngl :D.

Ok but, who asked ?

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It’s funny how you are trying to defend them, i will make for a second time a small summary for you:

  1. These players weren’t grinding a month ago and suddenly woke up on an other class right before the end of the season
  2. I played against these boosted accounts, and from their way of playing, you can directly spot something is suspicious since the number of high mmr player able to play at this level with this winrate is really small. Do you understand ? :grinning:
  3. Check their winrate, their number of games played and their mmr, you should easily be able to spot the link, the Bard at 69% only played 13 games in more than 5 months and suddenly, for the 2 last weeks, she is swapping to Destroyer and get 72,5%. in 69 games.

I never thought someone would try to explain me how the classes are working to make an argument to defend these players :joy:


Boosting + multiple accounts in top 200, same problem :slight_smile:

Season ending and alot of Lost Ark Players have expierience from RU/KR - calling them PvE Players while u dont know anything about them seems kinda weird.
Do u know what they were doin prev?
Do u know if they just got time to do pvp ?
There are alot of factors and Witch hunt Threads are giga cringe ngl :smiley: (heck why this Thread is flagged lol).
Not sure if your ego got hurt that u had to make this Thread :smiley: .

Is this your explaination, do you have no shame at all after writting this ? :joy:

You were hiding a Destroyer for the whole season only for this moment i guess, but you should understand that at my mmr, there isn’t a lot of players able to play like this: hence i know who boosted you, so all your paragraph after this is just you not admitting you got boost, and trying to reverse the situation, it’s quite entertaining to see
As you can see from my posts, i am not asking for a ban or a sanction, AGS clearly don’t care about boosting, but don’t be surprised to get exposed.

You could have done better on this explaination, maybe you could trick players not playing in PvP, it might be your goal after all to save your reputation.

Again, you could have done better on this part, i don’t need to dare assuming, i know who did, i mentioned before, i know who boosted you, if you paid or not for it isn’t the principal problem since what you did is against the TOS

Yes i do, i played the whole PvP season, with such a small playerbase, you meet really often the same players, you can easily spot new names appearing from no where

Yes i do, but posting them is useless since there won’t be any sanction, i prefer to expose the players so at least the ones who are tryharding by themselves and are doing their best to grind the ladder are informed of what is happening at the end of the season

Indeed, smurfing isn’t against the TOS, boosting is

They are on one and unique account which is mine, i streamed my games too, don’t try to reverse the situation, it’s pitiful.

You trully have no shame at all, i respected you for denouncing a cheater at the beginning of the season, you lost it at the end of it

I hope you have a pleasant Sunday too

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Nobody cares about your post, you’re just showing how mad you are right now and it’s super cringe lol

You wrote that i might be salty or my ego would be hurt, salty and hurt cause of what ? Because of someone reaching Master or GM ? you are making me laugh, if i had to be salty about something, it’s about you and others defending them. There is boosting in every game, Lost Ark isn’t spare by it :grin:

But i partially agree with you on this point: my thread is useless since there won’t be any sanction, but at least they are exposed perhaps you would prefer i didn’t so boosting can be made in total freedom and by everyone ?

Don’t be mad about being exposed, you will get your rewards don’t worry :joy:, i understand you would have prefered to do it in peace but it’s not the case