PvP 1v1 Striker vs Artellerist

Is this a bad joke from Haha Gate?

you mean for Arti or Striker?

Arti is good 1v1 but hes also slow as F.

Striker can just wait out his shield go in and smash his ass.

Ofc it will be slowburning because striker and wardancer dont rly burst but it is doable.

Strike feels very weak agains Arti. 2 Combos gg

arty is op as fuck in 1v1, no reason his shield should give 8 secs of superarmor

But guys, in 1v1 vs Arty how is Arty closing on you when your striker? I main WD you have even better movement skills, I dont see how Arty can close to me if I dont decide to go in.