PvP 3v3 is just bad

Im not a pvp god lets be honest im on supreme 7 only and mostly i got this from pvp islands
But i enter a 3v3 arena sometimes because of boredom and all i see is destroyers summoners gunslingers deathblades artilerists nothing else
I hope to god 3v3 pvp in this game will die i hope because its dog… its LITERALLY DOG…
I dont think i ever seen such UNBALANCED 3v3 arena in any mmo game i ever played
The fact that u are scaled down to “trash” level where u have like 750 swiftness and other 250 useless stats its unimaginable…i feel like im playing in a f…slow motion because of this i feel like im getting desync every ability
Overall 3v3 feeels soooo bad im happy i never took 3v3 seriously because its dog…

I agree, even the “balanced” 3v3 system is pretty unbalanced in many cases. Due to the very low player pool, the skill variance is huge and match making cannot be done fairly. To further complicate things, there are some classes that are hard counters to other classes. Also, the game allows premade teams which give a huge advantage to one side.

I, like you, stick with getting the majority of my pvp points from islands. But I fear I will not quite make it to my goal (supreme 8) from my current rank (supreme 7) before the season ends and my progress is reset. My goal is to purchase the emote that is locked behind supreme 8.

I play a bunch of match in the arena every week and I also take part into open world pvp.

I have to be honest, many of my friends who are ‘good’ in open world are kinda lacking when brought into the arena.

Like you said all our character are a lower version of themself in the arena, it brings us down to the very fundamental level of each class. Skill Gap is present in almost every game.

I recommand to everyone that are interested into getting good with their class to roll some 3v3 Arena. It sharpen your skill from the very core of your class.

Then it’s only easier when you get in open world pvp. Even if people run broken tank build, I probably know better than him/her (on average, Arena enjoyer are there too) how the class he/she plays interact with the skills of my team, and mine as well. Just because you played against his/her class countless times in a more ruthless environment which is the Arena.

Free knowledge available, come get it ! ^^

Yeah I play mostly PVP islands (scale of harmony) and the Rowen events (for the massive points so I can rank up for adventure tome items). I use artillerist in both of those with completely different builds.

For the “scaled” PVP, I use artillerist with full swift/crit and firepower enhancement and go for hitting multiple players with many wide AoE skills. This is because of the point system on many islands (10 for kill, 5 for assist) and lack of healing options. I try to avoid getting surrounded and also avoid chasing down a single player. The idea is to nuke the clumps of players from range.

For the “uncapped” Rowen PVP, I use artillerist with full spec/crit and barrage enhancement. Basically I swap Grudge → Heavy Armor with a standard raid build lol. The idea here is you get 3 faction exp for a kill and only 1 for an assist. I try to stay in the middle of my team’s crowd (near front, but not frontline) and bombard clumps of players with things like air raid/homing barrage. Then when my meter is full, I fire the laser which can kill 3-5+ players at times! Rinse and repeat.

Then for arena PVP, I just use the Maxroll build as it’s okayish but can’t find better resources. This is by far my least favorite as Artillerist struggles a lot here against certain classes (mainly fast or tanky ones).

its paper rock scissor

the thing why you see almost always the same classes

is pretty easy , it almost all comes to , how much cc and how much cc immunity your class can set up on that skillkit you have

because certain classes , like Destroyer/Artillerist , have a really good CC kit active and passive , and doing , because of alot of cc imunity skill o good amount of dmg
Thats the meta atm. next patch, Destroyer gets a huge dmg nerf in pvp , you will see the amount of them drops drastically then , same for summoner

some classes lack alot of potential , because some only work when you have a certain amount of swift/specc/krit

also its almost always the player . For 3v3 arena i use a diffrent book preset as for 1v1 and a third for coop battle

also alot of players dont know how to play their main class, if they dont have their “Main Engraving”
best example are berzerkers which always played mayhem and now in arena have to play BT

but yes main problem is : There is no “good matchmaking”
sometimes you have the game of your live do almost 1 million dmg , next game you get destroyed with less dmg than your support because that combo counters your class completely

the matchmaking is really bad