PvP arena kill credited after timer hit 0?

Score was 12-11 my team in the lead, the timer hit 0 so ok we win 12-11. However no all of a sudden maybe .5-1 second later the enemy team scored a kill and the game was tied 12-12. We ended up winning due to tiebreaker but that’s besides the point.

I’m 99.9% positive that kill was credited to them after the timer hit 0, if this is true I don’t think this is something that should happen. Once that timer hits 0 than that’s it, that should be the final score. Even if you’re in the middle of an ability that kills an enemy even .1 second after the timer hits 0, it shouldn’t count.

This isnt the russian support forums my dude

This is game feedback forum for Lost Ark. This is game feedback on Lost Ark.

It is kinda weird why they don’t just give the characters invincibility when the timer hits 0.

Yeah you can still do damage for about a second or so even after the timer hits 0. I’ve always noticed this and thought it was odd, but never actually seen anybody get a kill during this extra second until today. It shouldn’t be a thing, once that timer hits 0 everything should stop as is.

I like that the match continues for another few seconds or so. A lot of matches have people running around just trying not to die at the very end. It’s more exciting to me as a player and a viewer when the timer runs out and there’s still a chance they can die.

Think of 0 as 0.99 seconds. The game will show as 0 but realistically it still ticks for another second before the win screen loads up. The timer does show the clock (0.48 > 0.47 etc. as it ticks down), but in reality there’s an additional second added to every match.

Technically the timer starts from 299 and not 300 (since as soon as a milisecond passes it’ll go down from 300 to 299.99).

It seems a bit stupid at first but once you know it works its literally just an additional second - think of matches as being 5 minutes and 1 second. You’ll both win and lose matches due to this and it adds a degree of tension - its just knowing how it works since it is equal for both teams.

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I see, but why can’t they just add that extra second onto the timer so that it makes more sense? If the timer starts at 299 well than just make it start at 300 and make the game immediately stop when it hits 0. I mean wouldn’t that make the most sense? Once that timer hits 0, the win screen should pop up immediately I feel.

It’s a bug which Surely will get fixed soon, right @Roxx?

I feel like the majority of games i’ve played with some sort of timer work that way where 0 is actually the last second so it’s not exactly just a Lost Ark thing. I think it’s just how time is displayed when you account for milliseconds, i guess they could display the milliseconds or just add a fake second to it for display but it’s not really necessary IMO.