PvP Arena Rework [Lower CC/increased Reovery Rate/Continues engagement]

Hello SGS & AGS:

I believe to improve Arena gameplay that we move to a decreased CC time for all skills for all classes and to increase recovery speed. This way players can recover from getting stunned sooner. The game pvp suffers attrition of entertainment due paralysis gripping my character to the point of death without the ability to join back in the fight. I think the best form of play in pvp can come from creating a gameplay environment in area consisting of low cc rate/time under effect while having quick recoveries so fighting comes down more so to the position you take on each attack. This way each team is having continuous engagement and everyone continues in the fight rather than spending each engagement under stunlock animation.

For your consideration,

Gilmagnus [Heroic Founder] of sever Azena


Korean PVP games tend to be filled with a massive amount of CC that has some what of a rock paper scissor thing going on.

Super Armor / iframs / Dash Frashes etc etc

The other thing about Korean PVP is it tends to be VERY tier based and some class match ups are just flat out unbalanced. That gets a bit smoother in 3s, but even then some comps are just WTFROFLSTOMP your face.

This is why you will see pretty much the same 4 classes in top tier pvp videos from korea, or in any interview with a streamer from their, they say the same classes over and over.


Do you think that even though that is normally the case with korean style pvp arpg, that the NA released version could move away from that style of play?

I understand that for a e-sports tournament to have true effect that the systems be similar. It gives way for them to implement new game modes that can be different in strategy than what we already have.

Not at all, if there is one thing Korea is terrible at, it is understanding how to make an MMO that is balanced in the eyes of the NA public.

Not a chance, the game is made for Koreans. They will balance it around the best of the best people and that’s Koreans. I’ve played Korean MMORPGs for +20 years and I have never seen a case where Westerns feedback would make any changes to the core game. So I wouldn’t hold my breath on that happening here either.

You just have to play smart… You cannot be stunlock till death, train harder.

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Tldr i suck and want to think less and button bash more.

I’ll get on that! Been running free for alls and ranked pvp heehee

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You’re totally correct! I would love to focus on more than praying I don’t get cc locked in my initial engagement. :handshake:

It would be quite magical to see SG and AGS change that president with this game!

Pray? Just learn to play, if you are just diving im then hoping you arent going to be cc’ed then thats nothing to do with the game lol…

Stunlocked till death in 1v1? I mean you can say that about BDO, because the damage is so high there due to the lack of equalized pvp.

But in Lost Ark? Just not possible, don’t think I ever saw someone die in one combo. In 3v3? Yeah possible if you got caught by 3 people but that’s more your team sucks than the game itself being bad.

I don’t think I ever played a mmo with better pvp, while maybe the other good ones being Tera and ESO. Lost Ark arena is the closest you can get to mmo pvp perfection.

Only way to one combo someone is using an awaken and your team has really fucked up they let that happen lol

I just wish there were more modes like base capture, capture the flag (somewhat similar to coop battle), and other maps.

Playing 3v3 on basically the same map every game gets old to me after a while.

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With that in mind I decided to go and create a thread about a “Rapid Fire” Mode with the idea being centred around my initial remarks in this thread. In this way I can still hear this kind of feedback while presenting a new mode that would see this one left alone (These modes being the current).

I agree, maybe some more game modes inspired by the Tower Defence style mode would be good for the pvp scene of content.

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Good point, I’ll try to get them to engage with awakenings to secure kills by use of combo one after another.

I totally agree, this game has one of the best pvp ive seen for an mmo that’s fun no matter the circumstances. I understand why you don’t want it changed!

Maybe I just need to work on my strategy.

Idk if you have or not, but guild wars 2 has great PvP as well. There’s structured arena which is all normalized and base capture. They give you all the gear and accessories for builds to try out. There’s definitely a meta ad with most games, but it’s very fun in that you combo abilities together for certain effects.

They also have a giant server vs. server vs. server map with castles, siege vehicles, outposts, world bosses, gathering nodes. It’s not normalized as far as gear goes, but it’s not super hard to get the the highest tier of armor in the game as it’s all craftable. Highly recommend looking it up.

I hope when the PvP continent gets released in NA/EU it’s somewhat similar. I think that’s a big part of what’s missing in this game’s PvP scene.

I went from 1300 to 970 in a couple of hours just because i end up playing with newbies and oftern getting stomped by OP and heavy CC groups wich put me from 100% to 0 in seconds, it was very common to see that once they get you 1 bit they all rally up and kill one, while my team often was looking how i was getting wreckd, sadly i’m often getting 3-4 kills in a match but the rest of my team just wont stop dying or helping, i’ts frustrating and the points rewards it’s awful, just awful the system has to change in order to allow people that know how to play really get somewhere, i’m getting like 21 points from 900+ if i win and the SAME if i loose, so the chances for loosing games are up to 60% meaning that players will only go down and get stuck there, it’s a shameful system that has no point now, they need to allow players that really know how to play 3v3 have a better chance to get somewhere.