Pvp balance and the future

idk dudes ive been reserving my judgement till rank dropped but sorc and deathblade do seem overtuned. Might just make them to see if theres any gaps i can pressure but as of right now watching some guy miss all his skills then be able to jet away or hit you with a stray CC/knockdown because of the mass amount of SA or range on there skills feels bad to play against. What are your guys thoughts.


i agree completely.


support vs no support is overtuned


You should be reserving your judgement until you have played pvp for a couple of months and reached Diamont+. Move on. Can’t see these posts anymore.

is Diamond+ suddenly going to take away DB tons of SA and Sorcs massive range?


Yes because you will know their weaknesses
And how to play in a Team and peel for eachother and FoV advantages

mmr system is also terrible…i’ve never played a rank game where I can win 5 straight games and lose 5 random times and be back where I started


everything has a “weakness” that doesnt mean these two classes arent definitely overtuned


Overtuned? Yes! But not to a point where Pvp is unbalanced. Like Stunbott said: The only unbalanced situation is facing a team with a supp vs a team without supp

Thst seems good to me? 50% win ratio in tht mmr bracker represents where you should be tbh.

Yea this shouldnt be a thing, but i guess queued limitations, doesnt matter so much at low rank but gonna be huge at higher.

if you win 5 games in a row your mmr generally is supposed to increase drastically and if you’re playing against better players you lose less for a loss…unless the enemies have lower mmr but even if i play against 1600’s at 1500 i will lose as much as i win…makes no sense

this literally makes 0 sense at all


if you play deathblade and your team is shit you will lose…it is not overtuned, it’s a class heavily dependent on teammates, so is sorc. if you also play bad on db, you will lose.

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Lol you wish. Deathblade is probably one of the least teamate dependant class in the game. It has top tier engage with t2 hyper armor.
Top tier disengage with t2 hyperarmor and lingering cc effect both of which have stupidly low cooldowns
Amazing aoe potential
Great cc chains aswell as damage and mobility.
Crazy range
If you want a team dependant class try berserker or destroyer when that class come out, you’ll crawl back to deathblade.
There’s a reason it’s the most complained about and controversial class whether it’s KR, RU or NA/EU.


Can you stop defending the sorcerers. Smilegate said they overperform and they will be nerfed.


doesn’t mean shit if your teammates don’t know wtf peeling is

90% of the time i will engage and my teammates will be clicking at our spawn doing nothing…and im talking right at round start

literally every comp is arty sorc x which just steamrolls with random damage unless you have teammates that know how to cc

That’s every class. Except you can freely engage and disengage with your t2 protected movements while the majority of other classes either have no hyperarmor on their engage or just t1. You don’t realize how stupid deathblade is until you try another class.


a lot of classes can freely engage and disengage with sa…arty, gunslinger, gunlancer, etc etc. deathblade you are stationary the entire time so peeling them is braindead ez

oh wow the only important t2 sa on upper slash and axel! so op! if db didn’t have these it would be a USEless dogshit class

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Not really you’d just have to be careful with your positioning and commitment like most of the other class. Berserker for example’s only engage skills have 24s cd and 20s cd. Both of which have only stagger immunity and the other having almost a second long animation before you start moving.
Again, you don’t realize how easy you have it until you try something else but the devs said pvp isn’t balanced and this year will have a big balance patch. Enjoy it while you can i guess

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nope, it has t2 as well