PvP balance changes

so im more of a pvp player than pve and quite honestly the balance in this game when it comes to pvp is just so bad that words cant really describe how bad it is, not sure how many times a lot of ppl have reached out to whether it’s amazon or SG and nothing happens, i thought the balance change was gonna be anything decent or good but turned out to literally just be bad. good balance changes and matchmaking improvement NEED to happen.

Hi, @xxiiv1854. Are there any specific changes you would like to see brought to PvP? Feel free to share your thoughts here; I will be more than happy to pass them along. :slightly_smiling_face:

for example there’s scrapper that has gotten a huge buff that made it OP and for the pvp balance change it gets 2 extra buffs as if it’s not S+ tier at all, destroyer also for example is pretty much impossible to do anything against when it has shields up for the majority of the time and when they’re down due to its obnoxious hitbox it can easily stun/stagger u for eternity until their shield is back up again so u pretty much are forced to lose unless you’re lucky enough that u chain CC them in the VERY minimal timeframe u have until their shield is back up so i think they should get a lower dmg shield, lower duration shield or a narrower hitbox, pretty much the only buffs that make any sense are sharpshooter and gunslinger’s buffs and MAYBE sorceress a little bit in my opinion yet PvP does rlly need more looking into im not sure why a CORE part of an MMO is neglected when there’s an adequate amount of ppl reaching out about improving the PvP.

Thank you for your feedback. I have passed this along to the game team for you.