PvP Balance please?

Will we ONE DAY have a balance patch in PvP ? I mean at least 80 to 90% of my games have Sorcs in it (most of the time being Sorc x2 + other). There is a reason why im seeing so many sorcs and you know this reason too. So can you please do something about it ?


There will be a balance path eventually
But with the depth of pvp and the complexity between classes I wouldn’t expect anything perfect or even satisfactory

Most of the bs in this game is counterable by practice and change in play style

But I completely agree
Paladins stacking shield and topping dps
Sorc being hard to catch and doing lots of damage

There is a reason there’s a Paul/blade/sorc in every game

But if not then it’ll just be something else after a patch


Before speaking opinion about balance, you should say your rank.


Many people, even top 1 NA players put sorc/blade/paladin on the top of their tierlist, you don’t need a rank to see how everyone is spamming the same classes all day to get free rank. And its more about difficulty than power, this classes are braindead easy to play compared to other top classes like gunslinger which requires hands and a brain to play properly.
I mean pvp balance is the reason pvp is a joke in kr and no one takes it seriously, so cringe to ask for people rank on broken portion of the game no one plays.


Imo top 5 pvp classes now Sorc mobility, dodges, range, best CCs, high dps can just CC till death.2. Deathblade this class has everything insane dps, mobility, buffs 3. Paladin the best support but skills are sluggish, predictable, good shield and heal dps tbh is something around average. 4. Artileriat aka big gun guy stuns insane damage from few skills but this class is hard really hard 5. Berserker good mobility average/good pvp dmg, sluggish skills easy to avoid, but can do double knock down and really fast engages.

Keep on track with KR patch notes.

As Roxx stated we will have the revamp version of destroyer on it’s release you can assume that this part of the KR balance patch concerning PvP will come along :

Here is what i copied from KR website.

The effect of all damage reduction skills received from party members in the PVP area has been changed to apply only 65.0%. The changed skills are as follows
.holy inight
Holy area tripod
'Gaho’God’s Law Tripod
'Aho’heavenly blessing

Sound Wave Tripod ‘Wave of Patience’
Note bundle tripod ‘solid notes’
guardian’s playLight’s Light Tripod
‘Protection of Light’

Nelasia’s EnergyGuardian’s Guard

a painter
Apocalypse: drawing
Mukjeop: Mirinae tripod ‘Blue Starlight’

battle master
Whisper of the Wind Tripod ‘Warrior’s Courage’


Are those nerf coming with the may update? confirmd?

Its only an assumption, they said we get the revamp destroyer version which is part of the balance patch from KR.

So many people assume the whole balance patch will be part of may update though we have no confirmation on this specific point.

Not having it would be a huge mistake as a major balance patch on the relic gear release is a nice timing for people to not buy gear twice !

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PVP i way from being balanced.
Try to put any CC on Artillerist with his constant CC immunity and all his CCS and stuns on every skill.

I’m sorry but the top 30 players in any region
Could play any class and beat people of lesser rank

Nobody just brainlessly spams sorc abilities and reaches gm

Hence known cheaters/hackers that play these classes are hard stuck platinum and diamond

Sorc, Deadblade, gunsliger and both supports need nerfs. Co op mode is unplayble with 1000 sorc, this map is like was created for them. They are too easy to play and too strong - take away their X or 2 of their cc abilities. The others need adjustment for arenas.

You say this, but Top10 is dominated by same classes.

Even funnier, people are in Top10 using their alts, not main classes.
But sure.

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This EUW ranking

I don’t disagree that there’s clearly a meta and preference for high performing classes but also the people within the top 30 poses a level of mechanical skill and game knowledge that would support their success on any class if they invested time into it

Therefore the difference between gms isn’t he plays paladin or deathblade and I play striker

If you’re good enough to be in the top 100 even you’d probably be able to get there on any claas

u fear ur class get nerv?

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Tell me your insecure about ur rank without telling me your insecure about your rank :’)

the rank dont say much about balance ^^ u are wrong dude.

Ok I gotta apologize I spoke too fast. So I am a striker player and I have played around 50 pvp games and am only platnium atm. After reading ur post out of curiosity I tried my sorc alt in pvp and HOLY MOLY LMFAO Its so ez to be top dmg XD. Sorc is strong af and I was like first timing it too. I still dont think its absolutely op but I can understand ur point better now lol.

omg u came back 2 days later after trying sorc to say sorc is op? or at least too easy to play/perform on?

No I dont think its op Im just saying that I understand why he feels that way