PVP comp MMR issues

I uploaded two of many photos that I have.
In ranked PVP why does the person who has the most kills and high battlefield score lose more MMR than a person who had more damage taken?
I love to pvp but the MMR isnt rewarding at all… There are matches where a player (usually striker) died like 3-4x and has a huge amount of damage taken only loses 16 MMR, while I was protecting mage or bards and getting kills… and playing my role and I lose 28 - 32 MMR… whats up with competitive MMR?

You lose MMR based on your MMR relative to the average MMR of the match. You lost more because the game expected you to have a greater impact based on your MMR previous to that match. The person who lost less had an MMR which was lower and therefor they lost less upon losing the match.

It must be your fault! This game is perfect and humans are flawed!
“Git gud”

You win/lose more MMR because there is a multiplier based on games played.

2.5x MMR for games 1-10
2.0x MMR for games 11-30
1.5x MMR for games 31-100
1.0X (normal mmr ) for all games above that.

The player losing -16 MMR has played above 100 games, you have not and the MMR you’re receiving is in the 1.5x bracket.

The system is there to replicate what you would normally have in other games as provisional or placement games. After 100 games that game assumes you’re close to your actual rank and MMR settles out at 14-16 for wins and losses.

Welp, this explains why I lost over 500 mmr in few hours and it will take me several days just to get where I started.