PVP confirmed won't be fixed for beta, it would be smart to publicly address this

I think the smart thing to do for Amazon/Smilegate is to make a public statement addressing the bugged PvP in the beta.

You have a ton of new players who aren’t going to realize it’s bugged, they’re going to think this is the real thing. If I was a new player and I thought this was it, than I’m passing on this game as a person who prioritizes PvP first.

Although the PvP is playable, it’s not fun doing tickle damage and barely having any kills per team. Inform new players this isn’t the real PvP, otherwise hardcore PvP players may be deterred from playing this game again.


Pvp is confirmed to be scaling properly at level 50. The best work around I can see is they should unlock the level boost option to be usable by anyone at any level. This will allow anyone who doesn’t want to grind 14 hours to pvp to at least be able to try it.

Even if they still limit it to one level boost per account at least you can taste some pvp before the beta is over without a large time commitment.

I feel they should relay that to the new players though with a public statement and let them know what’s going on. Otherwise new players aren’t going to be aware low level PvP is bugged and 50 is where you need to be to actually experience it normally.

I feel bad for anybody who thinks the low level PvP in the beta is the real thing, and they decide to give it up without knowing it’s bugged.

They should definitely update this post in the #bugs-and-localization-feedback category.

I want to know how was this overlooked? Did they not test the PvP in the beta before releasing it?

This is a big time screw up that shouldn’t have happened, small bugs I understand but this is entirely different.

How many new players will you lose because they were interested in PvP only to see this and think it’s horrible?

I was surprised this wasn’t tested either considering how major it is. But it might be they already knew and didn’t have time to change the build for some reason.

It would however be nice to at least tweet about this and/or put it up on the website. People are just playing Pvp at level 27 and saying it’s boring… without knowing it’s not working properly!

If they knew that honestly makes it even worse because they didn’t inform us, looks bad on them giving us something they knew was broken and said nothing about it. The beta should have been delayed to fix it if they were truly aware.

I seriously doubt that’s the case though, or at least I hope so. No doubt some new players who were only interested in PvP have already called this game horrible after trying it out. I don’t blame them though, I too would call it horrible if I was unaware it’s bugged.

I hope there’s a public statement made about this, because they’re going to lose players because of it.

An announcement would be smart.

Hi there,

Thanks for your reports and feedback @Duck @SaintXIV and @Soggow . I’m really sorry about the problem you’re having with PvP scaling. Definitely there was testing before the beta test however since this version of the game is still in beta, it requires some changes and adjustments so there are some functions that may suffer because of this changes and unfortunately now the PvP scaling and some related functions are the ones we need to fix. In the meanwhile. To address the situation and avoid confusion between new PvP players we’ve officially added this issue as part of the Closed Beta Known Issues list .

Thank you


First off thanks The_Marius for taking the time to reply here.

Secondly with all due respect, I’m not sure if simply listing the issue on the forums is the best way to communicate to new players. The reason I say that is because who knows how many new players actually check out these forums.

Obviously Amazon/Smilegate can do whatever they wish, in my opinion a public statement would reach far more people than these forums.

Also off-topic but why am I having trouble quoting people here? I click reply, I click quote whole post, in the preview it shows I’m quoting the quote I’m directly replying too, yet when I submit my post the whole quote is gone.

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You’re welcome @Duck And yes I understand your point and I think it is a good idea so I’ll make sure to pass it over to our community managers and leadership team so they can take it into consideration.

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Heads up, this is now being patched in tonight’s hotfix: [Downtime] Closed Beta Hotfix


Whoa this is excellent news than, hopefully it’s not too late for some new players though. However I thought I heard this wasn’t fixable during this beta period? Anyways good on everybody involved to get this patched up.

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