PVP content survey on OCE players

I am just curious how OCE players are going with PVP contents. I am not touching any PVP contents (e.g. Una’s weekly task) due to the bad ping that deters me to play it. I feel like I am missing some big part of the game and this is not just me. So I would like to do a quick survey to know your thoughts and appreciate you if can answer the short questions.

  1. Do you play PVP contents?
    Yes/No (if No, you do not need to do this survey)

  2. How much are PVP contents important for you?
    Scale from 1 (Not at all) to 5 (a lot)

  3. How much does ping affect on your PVP play?
    Scale from 1 (Not at all) to 5 (a lot)

  4. Would you still play PVP contents even though the ping severely affects?

My apologies if some of the questions does not apply to you or sound stupid. I will take any feedback for the better question options.

I’m not from OCE but I do play on NA servers with 188 ms and PVP is not a big issue. Yes, it’s noticable at time but I got used to it and you can barely notice it on PVE. Good luck on your survey!

Thank you for the answers!

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1 - No. I’m too busy doing other stuff right now
2 - 3 PVP is something I usually enjoy
3 - 4 I dealt with high ping playing GW2. Don’t really have the patience to do it all again in LA
4 - No, probably. You can never be 100% sure did you miss something cos you suck, or are you a victim of ping. Makes trying to address your weaknesses & improve virtually impossible.

Thank you!