PVP failed matchmaking bug

I’ve been getting this error OVER and OVER. I cannot queue for a single match without enduring at least 5+ failed matches bugging out and cancelling queue. It now takes about 2 hours to complete a single weekly una quest to play 5 2 minute pvp rounds. This has existed for an entire year and not a single dev, community manager or employee has stated that they are looking for a fix. Literally unplayeable.

I’ve also upgraded my wifi adapter, checked to see if I am experiencing packet loss, turned firewalls off, and literally NOTHING works. I cannot play the game how I prefer to, and it’s infuriating.

tale as old as time… I’ve begged for a fix since launch and have just been flat out ignored. Hell of a way to build playerbase loyalty

It just happens when it doesnt find a match, so its not really a bug, just lack of players