Pvp good? You must be joking

Lets be honest this game has the worst pvp system out there, you go down for 10 minutes until you died, it should not be rank for 3v3 only is broken and boring, you see same broken ass classes all the time, if I want to win i have to play sorc-deadblade-paladin. Otherwise enjoy the L. Make pvp 1v1. Or just take it off, nerf those garbage classes.

you clearly play very little pvp games to say that. im having so much fun with it

probably a gitgud case

Sure you must be another db-sorc-pad player lol

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As a db I hate 3s

i play deadeye, and sorc is a really bad class in pvp imo

Sure keep telling your self that thinking it wont be nerf

It’s considered one of the best ones. You’re just salting because you died and didn’t understand it. You didn’t even mention Bard for example. The game is considered fairly balanced in KR though.

I’m glad devs don’t listen to salty people that don’t know anything, cuz in the end you’d still be losing if they listened to you.

As for being down for 10 minutes, that is an exageration and many of the combos in this game are shorter than are in many fighting games. It’s fun to do the combos too, but I’m guessing you didn’t even lab out any combos and just went in and hit buttons and got facerolled and blamed the game.

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