PvP Grouping / ranking

Providing feedback:
Currently exited a PvP match where I was placed with two team mates where it was their first time ever playing PvP, this is my first evening but I have about 10-12 matches played.

We were placed against all tier 8, I believe it was opponents with one being on a 30 game winning streak. We were absolutely annihilated to where we were stuck in the spawn as death rained down. It totally ruined the new players experience so badly I doubt they will ever play PvP again, how can you match 2 people with no experience against tiered players??

Maybe it is something that you could look into to help with the PvP experience, maybe it was a fluke or there was a reason for it, not sure just letting you know.

Thank you.

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well its unranked and unranked is unranked so it probably just matches whatever, if you get so discouraged from one single loss to never play again then it wasnt meant for you to begin with.

I was on the enemy team. My apologies that was a blood bath. I did 700k damage. I was the teal dino.

I’ve seen some pretty stacked teams myself. I could get upset at the unfairness of it all, but either way it’s an opportunity to practice. The thing is, not everyone sees it that way, and being on a team with 2 other low grades getting rolled by ranked players repeatedly does start to feel like you are just terrible and won’t ever get any good. Some of my buds gave it a shot and pretty much ignore PVP now, since it’s not a good time investment for them given the resource payoff, nor is it inherently enjoyable, and it’s because they got facerolled by tiered players the first few times they tried it.

I went through this with PVP in ESO, getting stomped by amazing players over and over again. It took months to get to the point where I even had a chance. Eventually you start to see the patterns and learn to adapt. Playing PVP on alts helps you learn the enemy. Grouping with friends or practicing with them privately helps you test things and learn. Eventually you’ll become competitive, but by that time you’ll be a ranked player and you won’t sweat things like the collective team experience, so the point becomes moot.

But seriously, some of the matchups I’ve been in were comically bad. If AGS wants newer players to dip into PVP and learn to enjoy it, the experience matching needs to improve. I’m okay because I don’t care if I lose as long as I learned something or made an improvement, but not everyone thinks like that and it’s a function of having a depth of PVP experience from other games. For newer players who have not PVPed a lot, if there are no early and reasonable opportunities for success, and if failure is perceived as a function of unfair matching, some people will bail and not return. Fortunately for them, there is a lot of other stuff to do in the game.

Losing in a fair game is different to losing in a unfair match. If a new player would lose in a fair match(playing with and against players with similar amount of experience) i don’t think there would be as much complaining but if your first match is against players with a lot more experience than you and you simply cant even move as you get obliterated it higly discourages new players to play. Sure enough unranked doesnt have to be skillbased(well ranked isnt either for some reason) but at least it should take into account player experience so that everyone(or at least more people) can have fun. I’m pretty sure more people have fun when they compete with similar skills players be it losing or winning compared to playing against noobs and steamrolling over them and or losing to a grandmaster in unranked. The system is bad and it discourages players because they think that it is just as bad later on… and it kind of is. Gold players can play against grandmasters and bronzes play against platinums, as if mmr brackets weren’t existant.
Sure enough you can improve over time. but why not make the system a bit more fair where people could improve by playing against and with people with similar skill.

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I have over 200 games played of different pvp. I should not have been matched with these peeps as their first pvp matchup. I only have a 50% winrate but still. They litterally could not leave spawn.