PvP immunity but not for you?

what happened to PvP…

i’m playing bard and I was fine in playing, since glavier release we get perma CC without getting immunity… while others have more immunity over time what is this?

knock down, escape roll knock down 10 second cd knock down knock down…

hotfix some classes that the immunity is up

everyone has 3 or 4 stun locks or knock up, they have 2/3 catch up moves to catch other players. Bard has nothing but heavy armor then people QQ bards are OP well ever seen striker or deathblade that just perma lock you and deathblade combo once hit 50/60k with a combo, definitly amazing this game.

if you want to balance pvp, lock abilities people can use, max 2 cc, max 1 extra dash… fix it it’s tilting people and demotivate pvp

lets not forget this, a cast from bard is 0.5sec which easy to interrupt you get a full CD


lets not forget the unbalance team comps, 3 high cc team comp vs poor team comp.

if you have poor balance team system or you don’t know what to do with pvp remove it from game and get other way to get people rewards from the shop… i only do pvp for the shop and it’s pissing me off by the week, cause its only way to get some cheap mats…

if you’re not willing to support how about refund people their money and those that want to continue can stay and not having the refund. Speak for once instead of being silence

It’s an issue for more classes. One lonely bullet from Gunsling pushes you by an inch, and stops any skill you were about to cast. Even if skills are supposed to be “instant” there is “animation lock” that needs like 1sek to start the skill.

I have more a feeling this game is becoming a more scam game, they benefit from the profit of the original makers in KR. They balanced the stuff we wait for patch to patch hit. All they have are few monkeys that translate the game and just not doing the proper job. People will complain as long you don’t work on it or give action or hotfixing or blanace stuff.

Just by remark, sue this game for unbalance and ruining the fun of players cause to gain items in unbalance game then you have loot boxes or what we call scam mary shop to gain faster ilvl’s not a must but you will fall behind if not going for it. Time you just pay everyone back or fix your game stop being lazy

i currently give the game as fun 4/10 thats still high cause it’s only fun on thursday rest is farm boring game days

before we get remention, there is slight lagg spike going on in servers aswell the reaction of keyboards vs what happend in game is not in place. VPN ban is wise, yes for bots, not smart move again. You have a system for killing bots which you apprently not use cause it’s expensive

i probably missed prelude of storm 80% of the time because if u were to get staggered even though it goes off, the stun wont hit.

bards have cc, but in the time we cast it, we are in the cc, we are perma focus why, squishy no abilities to counter and we have only one dash. 10 second CD

where are these non trash developer’s? i mean real ones KR ones so they hotfix the game at least