PVP in this game has come to dead end

Day 1 player here, Berserker main.

Expent in PVP around 200h total Season 1 + Season 2 so far.

If you are as mad as me with the poor management of this game mode, keep reading.

So basically I went ahead and decided to play the class I actually LIKED and not create some Artillerist or Destroyer, apply Vern pass, and faceroll through keyboard. Boy oh boy. If that wasn´t enough, this matchmaking system is the worst I have ever experienced in my entire life, in any game.


I hope I highlighted the main issue, if not, let me give some more details. I just wanted to reach Diamond last season, because I know I have the knowledge and skill to reach it. I finished season 1 with just 3 points off the next rank, that is diamond, because I was on vacation and i was penalized for not playing the game. It was okay, I accepted it.

It was hard back then but now, this is just unbearable. Whenever no disconnect happens, which means instant loss for your team or a degradation of earned points for that victory, you are playing with and against people with a HUGE HUGE SKILL GAP. Please, what I said in capital letters will kill what is already dead, is PVP abandoned? What are you guys waiting for? Till June when the Season 2 ends and announce new changes then? For me it will be too late.

I am sick and tired of grinding guys, my tier points can fluctuate 200 points up and down JUST IN ONE DAY, it´s not even normal, this simply cannot be, shouldnt be.

Sorry for the rant and if you reader are a PVPer too, and are suffering this the same way as I am, know that my patience is almost depleted and sooner than later you will have one less player to matchmake with.

FFXIV is 11 euros a month and 0 drama, 0 problems, no class unbalance, no gatekeeping, no currency source issues, devs take care of the game as their own baby, and you do whatever the hell you want in the order you want whenever you want. Enough said.


Aegis I dude I used to pvp every days since the game launch. After 3 months I LEFT forever PVP bc its a PVE game and this was the best choice!
Ranking? AGS cant fix a ranking matching dude. Even Smilgate dont care! Why bc its only 5-10% of ALL players actually do a PVP. ITS A NOT a PVP GAME! We can discussion a PVP situation ALL the day but this things WILL NEVER change!

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Sadly I feel that everything you said is correct, anyways thanks for your answer.

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thats alot of hours

the system never changed since day 1 , why you complain after 10 month and 200 hours even when you knew its like that ?
the system wont change only you can change something in your life

yeah its bad designed , but even when they would change the system , 99% of all Loa players wouldnt step 1 foot into pvp … sooo thats a waste of recources for that game developer

speaking of which , its Smilegate , not Amazon , so calling the wrong Company wont help , you should rant in inven . there , the pvp comunnity is crying and ranting since years and nothing changed
you see where the problem sits ?

how did your vacation penelize your upranking ?
you dont loose mmr point through not playing , so if you didnt reach that 3 points, it was your decision not you cancel your vacation get that rank
thats not a system problem it was your personal , and would happen in every other game aswell where you cant loose rank while not playing

the disconnects… yeah thats a problem in every aspect of the game , i agree

the diffrences in MMR per game is not the good i agree
but , if they wont do that like is , someone like you , which plays diamond and higher would wait 2-4 hours to start a game because almost noone plays pvp,
and noone would like to wait 2 hours+ for 1 game
because then you wont get enough exp points per week to reach the limit you want and get your weekly rewards , while others play unranked and reach their 1% and get more rewards then a player which is Master

systemwise they have to mixed up that gaps of mmr

its a bad design , but you have to decide what you want to do
not the system, cause it wont change

there you have found your own solution

if there is everything better, just play FF14 ?
i mean if a read FF14 reddit , it sounds diffrent to your experience but hey , in the end its your life its your free time its your decisions

It did, a lot. PvP balance changes from Korea where introduced and the amount of players playing PVP declined significantly, which lead to the unbalanced matchmaking issue.

Amazon has 0 capabilities of influencing the matchmaking system in rankeds?

Bro, you lose 20 ranked points each day if you do not play at least 1 game per two weeks. This appears in the PVP windows info since PVP released.

It is a much healthier solution, thats for sure. I wanted to share my terrible experience and see if I was the only one dissapointed with the game after waiting years and years. PVE is really nice but it will come and go, as Black Desert, as any other cool mob killing game. So far I invested 900 hours and a couple hundred euros btw.

what do you think, why there are so less pvp players in lost ark ?

they all stopped cause they dont like the system.

when less than 1% is playing something in the game, they wont waste any resource to make it better. lost ark has atm so much problems and Smilegate seems to have not enough human recources to handle all that stuff. pvp will be by far one of the last things they change in the next time

good thing , atleast in KR they wanna release a new equalized pvp Isle , with a moba style and a battle royal style thingy

if it helps for the Matchmaking and mmr system ? i doubt

mmo players dislike pvp in general
shame because the pvp is overall GOOD because the combat is great

the “skill gap” you are talking about is not that big, rank means nothing in this game, I won grandmaster once, I climbed from 900 to 1300+ so no plat is better than me I assure you

the matchmaking is good, you have to understand that in lack of players situation the system would prefer to mix a team of 1 high rank player to each side for example with 2 bronze, inorder to prevent waiting forever

if you had alot of players playing at the same rank as yours, sure, this wont happen

I’m trying to understand this too…
I believe you don’t need to change much, just balance by points (MMR), not by title, to prevent this from happening>>
a complete imbalance


would GMs stop smurfing and having like 6 or more chars of one class on different servers to defend their rank, there would be more than 13-25 people in top 200 and matchmaking would be easier.

At the moment top 200 are occupied by the same 13-25 people playing. No wonder they do not find a matches. They would need to play against themselves, but, hey wait, not possible. :joy:

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i dontt think that is the actually issue, the issue is the player have to be worried about clear they DAILY ROUTINE and do 18 LEGION RAIDS a week, on the actual state of the game the majority of the player base dont even have TIME to play the full PVE CONTENT.

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Pvp has been ass since day 1. The shop is the only reason most people touch this with a 10 ft pole

Nah, pvp is the only one fair aspect of this game cause depends only from your skills. This is korean mmo and pve here is mostly fine for nerds, ppls that have nothink better to do in their pathetic life then farming all day computer games. The issue with pvp is that devs dont realy care about it cause the biggest money comming from pve from peoples who are addicted from this game and have no another real world to lifes in it. They are also dont wont to check their skills in proving grounds cause there is no way to cover lack in their skills by ilvl and hours of farming/buying gold like it is in pve.


well said. i noticed the vast majority of pve kids deriding pvp are actually themselves pretty awful at gaming in general, and don’t get far in any game where they can’t stack the odds.

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I remember devs saying that they will invest more in pvp after Brel came in Korea, that we might even get a 1vs1 ranked, yet nothing came to pass. Why ? Because there are no views on the competitions they did in korea.

PVP is dead, yet i am still playing it

You cannot be comparing ffxiv as a game with good pvp, pvp in that game is even more braindamaged unbalanced and lack of skill expression as in LA

People just don’t have time for playing PvP doing Raids and Daily/Weekly activities with multiple characters.

This is why i quit pve alltogeder, i dont want another job

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PVP died when they tried to make it part of a PVE game. The best thing they could do is remove it completely from this game. It doesn’t belong here maybe keep arena just to draw in a few people and possibly make a couple extra bucks but it should in no way be part of the normal game like on islands and things like that.

I agree with you, it’s unfair for people of different ranks to play each other. Silver versus Gran master has no conditions. And not to mention the EAC errors.

New rank incoming. The pingmaster.

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