PvP in this game is way to frustrating

I tried my best to not look at the bad sides and keep playing. I played over 380 games, but this games pvp is way to frustrating. I played in the beginning and tanked my mmr to 800. After 100 games I finally got better but I only get 15 mmr now. I climbed all the way back to silver after a long grind. Literally 99% of every game was arti sorc pally bard or blade. I felt like whoever had a sup had such a higher chance of winning due to so many shields. Kinda made it just the roll of the dice. I’m no pro and all but pretty sure with this mmr system, majority of the beginners will quit. Like who’s idea was to make bronze 1-1500 that is a freaking long ass climb. Without seeing any improvements people would just leave. The grind is way to long while also dice rolling class/teammates. The rewards aren’t even that great. I love pvp but I can’t see pvp in the game going really far. It kinda feels like a waste of time except if yr a god and just steam roll everything.


Well there are way too many things wrong in this PvP system that’s just make it unplayable, bards spamming cc all over the map, mages with an absurd and toxic range to spam skills, ridiculous cooldowns on their skills too and deathblades without movement they’re crap. Every time i play against a mage i loose no matter what, they just spam skills everywhere.

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Exactly what you said.

They will lose so many people because of this >

Every arena DB, PAL, SORC…
Enemy got lucky and they got support? i guess sorry…
No rated arenas with friends so you basically solo wolf with randoms… so much fun…

because SG doesn’t give a fuck about the balance and only care about money grab.

If the gaame is not balanced for 2v2 Premade, then your game doesn’t have competetive PVP but some casual shit show.


Try playing as sharpshooter… Oh boy, I can’t get a single ability off with every other class’s instant cast abilities just constantly juggling anything I try to do. I’ve never seen a more imbalanced PvP game mode ever.

Try zerker, on higher tiers is hard to hit anything its skills are to predictable and sluggish, u have only one good combo wind blade, tempest and red dust, rest combos are just easy to predict.