PvP is literally dead


I’m not even talking about everything awful about it, from matchmaking to balance of certain classes, I’m talking about it being dead.

First off, it’s obvious that matchmaking is set to “find the game asap”, hence all the rank disbalance and strange matchups. But even with it, it’s dead.

I’m in gold mostly due to not having enough mental fortitude to play enough ranked, so average rank and on EUC, the most populated region with most servers, it takes like 3+ minutes to find a match during Saturday afternoon fever time. Then as we all know it literally ranges from bronze to grandmaster in a lot of matches.

So maybe peolpe are fed up of bad ranked system and playing normal matches? Well, the queue time is the same for 3v3 unranked, around 3 minutes on average.

6v6? Gives more points, available only during peak hours and is imo the most fun PvP mode? Last night I waited around 5 minutes on average, then every game has a few “my first time” people.

Now I don’t even care about PvP, but it’s so frustrating when you’re Supreme 8 and it takes a lot of points to buy most of the mats and effective playing time is probably around 30% due to noone playing and ridiculous pre-match loading times.

/rant over

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Nope queues range to 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Wrong server? Wrong time?