Pvp is luck based

random teammates
lack of damage so 1 person can’t carry
too much CC so even if u do have damage (which u don’t, cus this game has no 1shots) there’s too much CC so you’d spend the majority of the game on the ground if you were trying to play aggressive
last 30 seconds buff adds even more rng element to the game

i guarantee you that if you took the current top players from the top and put them in low elo they’d need forever to climb back up and they would have lower winrate cus they’d get trash teammates which would make them lose more often than they were losing (while initially climbing)

its obviously not 100% luck based but its more luck than not

this game is pretty trash
idk how u can make pvp so bad


Bullshit, uneducated vomit
Just look at lauffie, after hitting grand master in west she then hit it in east in less then 30 games with over 90% Winrate.

Every MMORPG has rng In it to some extend but there’s a reason the top players are in the top.

And there’s a reason the people hard stuck in low ELO are hard stuck.

Go practice, you clearly need it.


Guys League of Legends solo Challengers are lucky and actually Iron because they queue with randoms!!!


Not to be biased but it’s way easier to climb on support. I watched most of her climb games and almost every game the other team didn’t have a support, and she’s a good player, so it’s usually an insta gg. I’d like to see her climb on dps since dps don’t get the luxury of having wins based on comp imbalance, unless it’s something like meta dps vs lower tier which is a lot less common than a 50% rng 1 support dice roll.


You cannot include Lauffie because she is using Bard, support are not included in that statement I think.

The only way for players, joining right now on ranked PVP, to reach at least gold elo, is to abuse of classes like Artillerist, Bard and Paladin. That’s why there are so many supports on my server on higher ranks and almost no support on lower rank.
I challenge any “PRO PVP player” to start a new character right now and reach higher elo without using any support class or Artillerist and record the process.


Complete BS, you put high level players in the lower ranks and they’re going to carry and win the majority of their games. Will they lose some matches? Yes you can’t carry every single game, but they’re going to win more than they lose so eventually they’ll climb up.

How do I know this? I carried my own way out of the lower ranks and I’m not even a high level player. So if I can do it, I’m pretty sure they can…

You can’t compare a player like her to some average Joe, not all supports and specifically Bards are going to easily climb just because of their class. I believe I have heard from some high level players that Bard specifically is a pain to climb with at the lower ranks. Since Bards depend on their teammates greatly, and obviously at the lower ranks the worse players you get.

I can, when a team without a support is at a serious disadvantage.

Of course she’s a good player, but I bet if she played dps she would have a way harder time climbing than 90% WR.

This is true when the opposing team has a support.

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Not necessarily at the lower ranks, what if the support player and their teammates sucks? Than what?

You’re assuming…

Then she deserves the win. I watched most of the games low and higher rank and MOST of them had 0 support. She controlled every single game.

And as a DPS being on the receiving end of this is impossible when there is no support to counter control. Unless the bard is clueless, obviously. Only a sorc teammate has the potential to control a support team like that and even then it’s still no where near as good as having full team debuff immunity on goes and a bards kit.

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You’re comparing one of the best players to average Joes, I’m talking about average Joes at the lower level.

The skill gap is huge at lower level, which means there’s a possibility to greatly outperform your opponents. The skill gap between players gets smaller at high level, that’s why support teams do have an advantage up there.

Low level though they can be outplayed if the 3 DPS team is simply better, or if there’s one player on the team who’s extremely better the the rest. The possibility to carry at low level is real, provided you are that one player.


What is the use of supports’ heal, buffs, shields etc if your teammates waste them on bad engagements, going 1v3, not peeling etc.

Supports are having it as bad as dps when it comes to bad teammates. It is just as bad as playing a support in a moba with awful dps players. No amounts of shields or buffs will hard carry bad plays. In fact, they may have it worse because you can’t just burst that annoying sorc your teammates seem to be ignoring for some reason or make some big plays catching and bursting three people at once.

If you see a support carrying then that support is already an excellent player and will prolly climb, same when you see a dps class peels and does very high damage with few deaths. Whenever I meet players like these I know that they don’t belong in this rank.

Bard can heal wounds but she can’t cure stupidity.

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Why do people run around spewing random stuff to justify having a hard time climbing?

Every thread you’re whining about pvp instead of getting better. Why is that

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i just had a game where at 2000 rating a deathblade had 170k damage dealt and 680k damage taken. 2 times less damage dealt than Bard btw

you wanna tell me this isn’t luck based to get a monkey like that? It’s actually unwinnable.

ranked is basically just dealing with other people’s mental disorders and hoping u get a few stable ones to get a streak going. I 100% bet if you put the BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD in this deathblade’s team they would still lose
the guy just had some mental issues, he kept using his dashes to space away from his team and suicide into teh enemies and say "we can’t win cus our comp is bad "

But deathblade is super OP S+++ tier right? Should win by default

First, why are you mocking mental disorders?

Second, having bad teammates is just normal in every competitive game. Good players will climb and bad players will stay, there is a reason why good players don’t have 100% winrate, there were games they just couldn’t carry. As long as you have more than 50% wr you will climb, how fast you will climb depends on how good you are.

PVP is luck based

So much luck needed you sir probably need to go buy a luck potion from that Khajiit caravan merchant just down by that crossroad not far from here.

How is clicking and smashing keys to unleash character skills and movement LUCK at all?

This is 100% accurate, whoever thinks it is “easy” to CLIMB as Bard is completely dilusional.

Try it yourself if you think its so easy… I promise you it’s not.

Exactly as mentioned by @Arch_Dreamer , Bard is extremely team reliant, and while it is possible to carry some teams, if your teammates are clearyl worse players than the opponents or if your team comp isn’t as good, it is a loss every single time.

Most players that actually have climbed successfully in the rankings know exactly how hard it is or can be for a Support player, specifically Bards who are squishy.

Whenever I play my Wardancer for example, at the same Rank as my Bard, even though Bard is my main and I barely have any games played on my Wardancer, it is WAY easier to carry as Wardancer than it is Bard.

If you are a good DPS that knows how to kill more than die and help your team, you can absolutely carry from my experience, that is actually not the same for bard. You can play a PERFECT Bard game and end up losing because the 2 teammates you had did almost nothing the entire game.

So yeah it goes all ways, both ways, every way, unfortunately RNG Matchmaking will be the deciding factor of whether you win or lose a match the majority of the time.

It all depends on your team composition and your teammates. I agree, VERY luck based… although, the PRO Players can carry even the worst of teams and win a match which is why they are Grand Masters and deserve to be honestly.

The fact is, it just seems like 90% of us are NOT, it’s a very high skill ceiling in this game, which is what I love about it, but it is also why so many people are complaining because they aren’t actually good enough to carry (even though it is possible) and the RNG matchmaking makes it feel like you have no hope most of the time!

I myself have been fluctuating between 1800-1900 getting ONE win away from Platinum like 20 times now and then going on a losing streak back down to like 1830 and starting all over again, and again, it has become frustrating, and I do feel like most of the time it is because of unlucky team comps or teammates, but I also know clearly I’m not good enough to carry hard enough to win in these situations.

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Then how do the good players always climb they just have infinite luck?

Take your salt somewhere else man.


today i drop from 2100 to 1900 i lose so many times just couse my tea mates was trash every game i had stats 1/1/4 (pld) is 100% rng

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