PvP is stupid in this game

Lets be honest PvP in this game is retarded in terms of balance
The ammount of cc/ stuns pushes and other bullshit is beyond dumb
If u get stunned or pushed at any given moment u are 90% dead or u lose 75 % 80% or your total life
Classes like Deathblade Paladin Sorceres Artilerist Bard are stupid they are beyond OP on 3v3 arena
Artilerist damage and his fucking shield and this turret and 3 seconds stun…WHO THOUGHT this will be a good idea or Deathblade that has cc/push immunity on every ability and damage out of the fkn roof
Or meaby a paladin/Bard that has a fucking shield for half your hp and CC on every ability they have
Im not even mentioning Sorceres because they should be forbidden to enter arena even they are so stupid

I was wondering why most people in KR hate pvp and they dont even have blue pvp crest even tho they are 1600 ilvl with 25 alts above 1415…now i know why…


This is what everyone say (including me) when we start in pvp and have no clue about anything related to it, once you get better at it you will start liking to pvp, you will start to know how to dodge and how to bait other people etc. Just keep going (if you want, if not then just dont do pvp anymore)


Hate pvp who said that?

Because all are doing EQUALIZED 3v3 PVP MY DUUUDEEE!

BTW stop doing pvp now AT first SEASON! Wait untill all classes comes out !

Yea, lots of people hate the pvp in lost ark. If you ever try solo queue it’ll only fuel that hate lol

It’s literally how a fighting game works. Koreans love this type of combat.

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It took me till today to realize the only PvP that should exist is FFA, everything else is imbalanced af

The issue for me with pvp is the matchmaking experience.

I’ve seen games where one side will have 3 sorcs. Not saying that’s OP, just that the arena becomes a minefield then an ice rink. Their AOE is pretty oppressive when it is multiplied by 3.

I once saw 3 scrappers on one team. Maybe the only 3 scrappers who pvp. They lost handily. That class is just dogshit.

A team with Artillerist \ Paladin \ Gunlancer against typical dps classes. Most damage is mitigated by shields and paladin damage reduction. It was just boring.

I’ve seen 3 limit-tier players match up against 3 supreme-tier players. Yeah, not a true representation of skill, but I dunno, I tend to think those who have more matches under their belt have the advantage even if their mmr is the same.

Overall though, I enjoy pvp. It feels like a classic fighting game sometimes given that knock-ups and combos are a thing, though with only some classes having a block\parry.

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Totally agree, the pvp is great in my opinion and the balance is fairly decent (it could improve off course),but the issues in my opinion are:

  1. Match making algorithm;
  2. MMR system is a bit too grindy;
  3. Lack of different ranked modes.

thats why you dont play PVP on a 99% PVE oriented game, you want pvp? go play league of legends

No thanks, LoL is garbage in terms of mechanics in my opinion , i prefer playing Lost Ark pvp.

Edit: i am very curious about Riot’s mmorpg, cant wait to see it.

thats your opinion, but league is one of the best competitive games with the biggest e-sport scene over 10 years, lost ark pvp it’s not even comparable

True, but that does not mean that everybody should go and play LoL, and that there are no people which prefer LA pvp over LoL

Comments as this one does not contribute with anything meaningful, let people decide by their own what they want to play and in which game they want to pvp … If you dont like LA pvp, that is fine, nobody is forcing you to play it, just in your post it looks like you enforce your opinion to everybody who pvp in LA.

yeah but pvp in LA is clearly an “extra feature” and the devs don’t even care that much about it. In fact they did a poll on twitter and at least 60% of the popular opinion are not interested in pvp, is just a for fun feature nobody should see it as a competitive game

Thats pretty normal most of the mmorpgs are more pve oriented and the pvp playerbase in them is small, but that does not mean that the pvp part is not enjoyable. The idea of MMOrpgs is to have different content for different people in a single virtual world. Ofcourse game which focus only on single type of content will probably be better than a mmorpg(that is true for PvE too).

Everybody has the right to view it as they want … If you dont see it as competative pvp thats fine, for others as me i play LA mostly for the pvp and thats also fine. In my opinion the main thing everybody should ask them self is “am i enjoying the time i spend in what i do”, if the answer is “no” then move on and find something else, if the answer is “yes” then everything is fine

The only thing I would change is to make more incentives to train in unranked. I see so many ppl jumping into ranked without knowing much ruining thier pvp exp. Also I can understand pvp lvl to be shared between chars but pvp rank is kinda double edged sword.

The thing is ppl dont like to learn things, even when you go hunting guardians ppl tend too not know boss mechanics and try to bruteforce and overpower it. Problem is that you cant rly overpower your way into pvp, you need to learn on your or others mistakes, without reading guide or even watching anything on YT it is rly rly hard to jump in this game mode, and ppl still go in guns blazing get knocked and killed and they they complain… Because they never needed to learn and now game expect them to know someting.

I know pvp can be frustrating.
There are teamcomps that make me sick for even trying to win vs them, but stil outside for some classes i consider pvp fairly balanced and rly good.