PVP IS total BS

range classes completely destroy every single melee out there… their dps is insane and mobility …the amount of stuns on pvp is unreal, 90% of the time i spend it on the floor stunned


PvP in this game is very different from many other games. Learn which of your spells have Super armor aka Stagger resistance, use your dashes in good timing and learn to really pop your class off and I guarantee you’ll have a blast playing pvp.

I play Shadowhunter and only that in pvp and after some trial and error in my first bunch of games I eventually learned how to deal with mages and other ranged Squishies. Took me around 20 Games to fully get the hang of it but I don’t really have much problems with ranged classes at all anymore. It’s really just about learning by doing.

Basically focus around punishing mistakes made by enemies such as wasting their bigger CD’s, their CC abilities and dashes. As a melee whenever any of these happen you’re free to trade and get out of the fight before being CC’d. Beside having huge mobility and good ranged damage, all of the ranged classes will melt once you catch up to them and keep them staggered and/or cc’d in your damage combo.

I’m not sure what Gamemode you play. However I found myself enjoying pvp allot more in the 3v3 mode (the non turn based one). At best you group up with 2 friends to communicate your actions.

GL & HF in the Arena


Then learn how to use power shields?

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As Vendigo mentioned above, more or less, learn to play man.

PvP in LA is extremely competitive, and you have to put in the time to learn how the other classes function in order to beat them.

The game is big on alt’s; so, roll a sorceress, deathblade, striker, blah blah … and when you know their skills, use that to your advantage.

And, remember that a lot of the PvP folks have been playing in other regions for years.

You can search the forum for other threads of this nature, and the advice is unanimous - PvP in LA is really freaking hard, and if you don’t put in the time, you’ll be mopped up.


In general PVP is total BS, always CC CC CC CC dash CC CC die. spawn CC CC dash CC CC and die again.


It does feel like there is way to much cc going around.

But well i’m only doing pvp for the weekly so … meh.


Just git gud, nothing more to say here


I have such a love-hate relationship with the pvp in this game. As a system, its completely broken and unbalanced. Class unbalance is a real thing in here, shadowhunters constantly doubling the dps of literally everyone else, immunity rate sucks major donkey d*** and that hourglass thing which god only knows how tf it works and what exactly it is, the fact that its almost impossible to keep track of which enemy used their get up skill and when, so you know when to commit (because lets face it, we only play 3v3, the other modes shouldnt even be talked about) and so on.

But god damn it when it works it works and when it works it feels amazing when you pull of a combo and outsmart your opponent. Unfortunately most of the time youre just constantly cced and its almost impossible to know what cc-ed you because you have to know all the classes and keep track of who used what cc.

Its fundamentaly flawed as a system, but it can be so much fun sometime.
And before some smart ass says git gud, let me remind you that 90% of us are trash at pvp and we should be able to enjoy the game even while being trash.


So a trash player should just be able to roflstomp a good player who’s spent time mastering their class, compared to someone who hasn’t?

No, git gud.


Not broken or unbalanced at all, nor is it flawed. You just need to learn the classes and what they do and how to counter. I bet you are one of those people that just jump in and press buttons and hit your spacebar “break out” ability the second you are knocked down. Don’t attribute a poor pvp system to your lack of skill. That’s a you problem, not a game problem.


This game has so fking good pvp compared to others you can beat any class with any class if you know how to play.


If you dont like it just go play wow and buy the gear n go wreck ppl thats what u want it


PvP in this game is extremely well balanced and MELEE classes do fine. You just have no idea how to pvp like 98% of the player base because you all spend too much time fighting raid bosses with streamline mechanics. get good


Git gud moment, pve player complainer

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All I see are posts from people that have not yet gained enough experience in PvP to learn how to counter different things.

For 3v3 this is incredibly well balanced for an MMO. Yet PvP here has a super high skill ceiling, so I get why people feel bad in a lot of scenarios.
But just play more, train harder, watch guides etc. and at some point it won’t feel unfair but very rewarding instead.

Especially the stagger mechanics are something that always feels bad for new players, but it is actually what makes the PvP so amazing. It is also what creates this incredibly high skill ceiling.
People complaining about that mechanic is actually very dangerous, it caused New World developers to remove this from New World, which lead to the games combat being completely destroyed.

Won’t happen here ofc, cause AGS is not developing it, but still. Appreciate the mechanic, learn how to play and make use of it and you’ll have a blast.
Think of it like similar to Mortal Kombat or Tekken, and not like WoW.


what? no they dont at all? honestly if you’re hitting around 30k dmg then honestly you’re just not there yet. Im a shadowhunter and im telling you I think she’s completely op. when you hit 50-70k dmg trust me you make a huge impact and personally it sound like you’re in your first 20 games. It will click

I totally understand you mate. My Pro Tip here: You should quit the game so queue times go down for people who want to enjoy the game and want to learn how to pvp.


A lot of “get gud” posts here friend. Don’t worry about them. Pvp is full of try hard people stroking their own ego. Also understand your post is viewed a salt post more than constructive criticism.

Here’s my 2 cents.

I look at Melee classes as opportunists. Get them to do what you want. Bait their cooldowns. When you chase a ranges class, you’re doing exactly what they want you to do. You will die doing this.

At the very least, you MUST know every classes’s skill set and general CC mechanics in order understand what is coming at you.

It’ll take at least 20 games to understand your own class. I enjoy playing team elimination and watch how others play their class. I learn a lot more from that than team deathmatch. Good luck out there!


So many ppl loving pvp here… Makes me happy

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no your just bad this is not even bashing u this is just a straight up fact… stop miss using ur spacebar stop miss using your get up skills and LEARN YOUR CLASS use your super armors to your advantage and learn other classes matchups by knowing what they do just talkin out of your ass cause your bad at the game looks really shitty on yourself mate TLDR Git gud before u bitch ^^ GL in the game

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