PVP is trash noone play

So many stuns, knockbacks and unbalance.

No one play it at all. Just waiting in queue for 3 minutes already at this time. Meanwhile pve queue is instant even at 3 am.


Lack of ur skills in PVP doesn’t mean PVP is trash and maybe people not playing PVP as they are rushing in gear progression and collectibles or life skills and other players wait for update as they might have reached T1 on PVP already so they are waiting for ranked system to be released.


Whatever man, think what you want. Every time half of the players are afk doing this shit only for weekly reward. PVP IS TRASH, noone like it and noone plays thats shit deal with it.


I play this game mainly for PvP.
I freaking love it


Relax. You’re playing a fringe activity at 3am. Why are you getting your jimmies rustled?


The game director did say in the transcript of the interview that PvP was not the focus of the game. I’ve been on the PvP islands several times with other players & all is calm. I don’t think the core player base cares much about PvP. So it hasn’t attracted the dev time/effort before now.

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PvP queues are also it seems intervall based. So they don’t pop instant when 4 people queue up.
We tried with mates for days to get into same lobbies from various servers.
We all get same queue pop no matter how many we are or how long we wait. Even if we went into pvp as 4-6 we still had to wait sometimes 30sec+. (While in the end we NEVER got even 2 people into one same lobby).

also noone interested in PvP cares about unbalanced PvP islands, pvp players love even ground
it’s just 40year old momma whales who enjoy f ppl over cuz they nolifed/invested more just to feel superior lol


Its 13 pm now and noone play. What you talking about.

PVP starting this week, will be there simply to get more mats. In Korea, they’ll start pushing out balance changes. I expect to see those changes reach our region, months down the road. So buckle up.

Dear OP, please go to an actual pvp game where people give two actual fu**s about it.

Wanna know who really wanted pvp, new worlders, go ask them how that worked out, and leave the people in the PVE game alone please, thanks.


I will play PVP only for the vendor when it is releases :stuck_out_tongue:

Just because you are bad at the game doesn’t mean that pvp is bad


Troll is troll, good bait though I’m sure you will have plenty of hits.

not mentioning not everyone can play their class
im waiting for summoner thus not really fealing for pvp on sorc atm

And this here is why it’s that we have variety.
I’ll likely skip some chaos dungeons and guardian raids from time to time cause I can play just PvP to gain some mats.
Having options is good.

Noone forces OP to play and min/max. Just like noone forces ppl to play 16alts to min/max.
If you do content you’re not enjoying at all and get mad about it, it’s good to talk about it. But in the end it’s your own fault xD

yeah I don’t get ppl these days. Always complaining and whing bout everything!
Instead of taking things relaxed but whatever :slight_smile:

PvP is hella fun once u get used to it.


Can’t wait to spend these


The 5x doing pvp weekly is too much painful doing that. SHould be only 1x per week even that would be enough.

Might have something to do with ranked pvp not being out yet…

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imagine getting this mad about finding out you suck at the game rofl, its alrite though you can go kill some AI dragons after so you feel strong :slight_smile: