PVP islands are kinda unfair

I was on deathhold island with maybe 10 players, when half of the players work together you dont have a chance, this shouldnt be allowed. There should be a penalty for staying close together without fighting.
Getting a higher rank increases the reward you get to get the hidden map, but when you are alone against a group its just not fair. There must be a way to solve this one way or another. Next time ill just die once and stay on the base since its not worth even trying.

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Nothing is fair in this world, deal with it, lol.

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Join a guild, find or get friends to join

You’re complaining cause you’re playing as solo in an MMO. So you want to penalize people who are playing a MMO like a MMO?

Traditionally, PvP problems are resolved with PvP solutions. If that means going to Punika or Yorn to recruit a few goons up for a scrap, then that’s what you have to do.

There are very few PvP spots outside of the deathmatches and it would be a shame to curtail that further.

I know the feeling of wanting to solo as much content as possible, but sometimes you either have to have saintly patience, go in the downtime, or grab a friend/eager player killer.

It’s world pvp in a mmo. Definitely not supposed to be fair.

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It is still all vs all, I dont see these island as group vs group tbh. But I also only do them for the island souls. I usually dont do pvp at all. I might just get it done and move on, it do take a bit more time when you have no chance to get a better reward. And if you not end up alone on the island as I did aswell today.
Im not in a guild since i joined an offline guild, where i could see they havent been online for days, so leaved it again and got a 3 days lockout, even when i leaved a few min after. you cant know what kind of guild you go into and still get punished for joining an offline guild.
I would like to have some friends to play with,
But i cant accept players sending invite before even asking. Friends ill have on my friend list shall be players who i can talk with and play together with not just one who want me on a list for filler.
So no I have to do these alone atm. But as I said i might just stand at the start and w8 for it to be over, since i wont get more reward for doing anything as it is. Thankfully its not many times i have to do that specific island.

It is a mmo but PLAYER VS PLAYER is what it says one player against another not guild vs guild or party vs party so you implying that someone is wrong for doing it solo just doesn’t make sense. Even so the problem is that there is no power division so if you get one shoted there is no point in even trying anymore. With the perma cc this game has you are doomed. Unless im wrong and everyone is the same like in regular pvp but even with that, going in with anything other than meta classes like sorc or bers you don’t stand a chance. Its just a little unfair and myb there is a way to make it better.