PVP literally needs a fix

we need class fixes in PVP urgently, there is no balance at all with these tanky/shield classes. remove them from pvp and make it a skill based game. also so many classes with immunities and others with nothing its ridiculous.

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But don’t you think it creates diversity to some point ? Those who have a lot of armor have generally an easier game play and its perfectly fine if its what they like ^^

We are all meant to different style of gameplay, not every class can just jump in and open the dance, I think people need to understand their positionning better within the field, and also have a better understanding of what their character is capable of.

On another note I do agree that the PVP system is kinda lacking in general, there’s many flaws with the actual version, hopefully we get something better starting season 2

i understand that but you going on a dmg class, dealing twice as much dmg as a tank class and still lose i think is not balanced at all. there are tweaks to be done. u cant just pop 3 shields and not be able to take dmg for 10 seconds thats just totally broken.

When that happens, AKA support ult, just run around like a chicken, don’t waste cd on a clown trying to laughed at you, same apply for demon form and Berzerk mode, just run around and push them away with long range skills. Destroyer and Lancer are easy to deal with if you have freezes or long range stunt as well. Just don’t run in if you don’t have a clear plan of what you’re going to do.

Also about hard CC’s, we all have CC’s abilities, some are bigger than other I do agree, but its all a question of timing and positioning, you got CCied this time around, but just a second faster and a bit more to the right and you were the one CCing them to death… I hope you get where im going at with this

again i understand what you are trying to imply here, but you are still not understanding the point. it is not balanced you can literally run full tanks, with full shields on swiftness and a squishy character will not play the game its as simple as that. which isn’t fair for the pvp enjoyers because NOT EVERYONE enjoys following the meta’s. again NOT EVERYONE enjoys playing a tanky class just because it is op and u can literally get a 70% win rate if you just overwhelm the opposite’s team squishy dmg dealer with the amount of kit you have. You can literally charge at 2 people pop a shield 4 secs later u have ur immunity up after imm u have ur shield up again, that is my point. they nerf bards but pallies still keep their kit? dang no wonder not a whole lot of people are playing pvp right now, and it is such a nice tool to run tourneys on and such. they dont even allow you to 3 man queue ranked which is ridiculous in my point of view.

I understand your point don’t worry, it’s just that my logic is more oriented towards how to overcome it, I lose to no one because of the class, I lose to someone because of skill cap.

Let’s take the tanky class as you mentioned, their shield ability have cd as well and when they try to jump one of your team mate they are literally free meat for you to eat from.

I am curious of what class you play in PVP, from there I will be able to recommend more specifically if you’re looking for some tips to help you out rn while we wait for AG to release the 2.0 PVP system.

And yea we should be able to 3 man queue in ranked, I have a strong feeling that it would single handedly solve the matchmaking failure problem.

Didn’t they already dampen the effects of shielding in PvP? Or was that only for Pally?

They’ve lessen party synergy that we’re providing party defense buff, but overall many class can run different type of shield/super armor which is still a pain to this day.

But I do agree, peeling Paly and Bard ult. shield seems easier lately

Yea because I thought they nerfed/dampened the effects so that its only like 50% effective in pvp or something

I’ll speak in matter of Soulfist for exact numbers,

My energy release enhancement tripods, normally provided 25% damage reduction for 6 seconds to all party member within 24m. They’ve cut the effectiveness by 65%.

Which is completely unfair for Soulfist, I have 1 super armor skill, my play is already hard like that lol, so now I rather use the cleanse, there’s a surprise effect to running a cleanse, they don’t expect you to run that fast or to not be stunt etc…

Well, when I watch the offical pvp championship, nobody has problems. PvP in this game is hard, challenging, not for everyone. You need to practice for a long time. You have to know your abilities, and you need skill. You don’t spam buttons, 80% of the PvP is positioning, waiting for the damage windows, burst and run/survive/assist on cooldowns. It’s more like a strategy game.

ya merlin, so strategy a weak class against 3 tanks or 2 tanks 1 support full of shields with heals playing a dmg class. i hope u win that fight.